Despite Market Challenges, Russian Oil Continues to Flow Unabated

Despite sanctions on Russian banks and Russian shipping, a trend of "self-sanctioning" by Western companies, and a new war-risk designation for all Russian waters, crude oil continues to flow in tremendous volume from Russian loading terminals. The final destination may have changed, but Russian energy exporters are now loading as much oil as they did before the invasion of Ukraine, according to Bloomberg. 

Last week, Russian seaborne crude exports averaged four million barrels per day, the...

Watch: Passenger Ship Rams Into Oil Tanker At Port Of Algiers

A passenger’s vessel had collided with an oil tanker at the Port of Algiers, the oil tanker’s owner mentioned on Sunday during manoeuvring. On 6 April, the Tolga ship was anchored at Guelma’s berth. The latter is designed for the berthing of Naftal Corporation ships in the Algiers Port.

While at berth, the tanker ship was hit by a passenger vessel dubbed ‘M/S Jean Nicoli’. This vessel belonged to the France-based Corsica Linea. It seemed like the captain of Jean Nicoli had lost control of the...

8 Facts of Odessa Port You Might Not Know

The Black sea is situated between the continents of Asia and Europe. It borders the nations of Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Russia, Turkey, and Ukraine. Connected to the Atlantic ocean through the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea, it is a crucial maritime waterway enabling the transportation of a variety of goods. Apart from being one of the busiest shipping routes in the world, the Black sea region has a prosperous tourism and fisheries sector.

Around 65 seaports and numerous small river ports...

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