154 Reshma Nilofer, Maritime Pilot, Kolkata Port Trust, India

Welcome to the 154th episode of the Shipping Podcast with Reshma Nilofer, the first female maritime Pilot in India and one of few in the world. Reshma takes us on a journey on how to reach your dream goals. She is a powerful woman and a role model to many.

Reshma Nilofer was the first female maritime river pilot, and the current Indian President awarded her with the “Woman Power Award” in 2018. The Woman Power Award is an annual award given by the Ministry of Women and Child Development of...


153 Johanna Kull, Loss Prevention Executive, Alandia

Happy New Year, we kick off the new year by listening to Johanna Kull, who is a Loss Prevention Executive at Alandia Insurance Company. She has an interesting background, she has studied Social Science and have an M.Sc. in Psychology, and by that, she is probably rather unique.

You can find more information about the Alandia Loss Prevention department on their new website if you are interested in finding out more.

We talk about what it contains to work with Loss Prevention and Johanna gives her...


152 Stuart Ostrow – President ShipMoney

Stuart Ostrow is the President of ShipMoney and he is the guest in episode 152 of the Shipping Podcast. Stuart is an entrepreneur who entered the maritime domain 15 years ago. He tells the story of ShipMoney and how he realised the importance of a virtual debit card for seafarers and what a difference it makes to offer online payments both for employers but also for the seagoing personnel.

Stuart highlights the importance of the seafarers and the situation they are currently facing, not to...


151 Jan Hoffmann, Chief, Trade Logistics Branch, Division on Technology and Logistics, UNCTAD

Welcome to the 151st episode of the Shipping Podcast! Listen to Jan Hoffmann, Chief, Trade Logistics Branch, Division on Technology and Logistics, UNCTAD.

“Technical development will never be as slow as today”, says Jan and continues to speak about digitalisation and decarbonisation as the two main global trends that we need to follow right now. It leads to a structural change which will bring automation and transparency to the shipping industry and that will make us more resilient for the...


150 Peggy Hoegh Grays, Senior project manager, Author

Welcome to the 150th episode of the Shipping Podcast, where you meet Peggy Hoegh Grays, Senior project manager, Author who has written a book describing all the different occupations available in the maritime industry. If you want to add the job description of the job you currently have, please email Peggy at [email protected] so she can add you to her book “The maritime industry, an ocean of opportunity”. 

Peggy is a Senior project manager and she loves her job. She loves is as much that...


149 Anne Windfeldt Trolle, Executive Director, Employment Conditions, Recruitment & Training, Danish Shipping

Danish Shipping has managed to figure out how to attract more than 1 mio viewers on Youtube – and they are hitting the charts with their song about the maritime industry, a song that is now played in all house parties in the maritime industry. Go and check out World Career and see for yourself!

In addition, Danish Shipping has set up a toolbox for how to become a diverse and inclusive industry with 10 recommendation on how to attract women to the shipping industry. Go to https://www.danishshippin...


148 Cary Davis, Senior Government Relations Director & General Counsel, American Association of Port Authorities, AAPA

In episode 148 you will be listening to my conversation with Cary Davis, Senior Government Relations Director & General Counsel, American Association of Port Authorities and how he works with the U.S. Congress to make sure that everyone understands the importance of seaports and infrastructure when it comes to the global supply chains.

There is an election coming up, new congressmen will arrive, the Covid-19 has an impact on how to work with the mission to highlight the importance of the...


147 Lena Gothberg, Executive Producer of the Shipping Podcast

Episode 147 is a solo episode with me. I had something that I needed to get off my chest. I was interviewed by a start-up the other day and that sparked some thoughts in my head that I felt I wanted to share with you.

How do we change the mindset to the new way of thinking, that is what I speak about in this episode.

If you have any thoughts about this that you want to share with me or a photo of yourself listening to the Shipping Podcast, please email me at [email protected]

Thank you for...


146 Mark Bell, General Manager, The Society for Gas as Marine Fuel

In episode 146 we meet Mark Bell, General Manager, The Society for Gas as Marine Fuel, and we speak about the fuels roadmap to 2030/2050 and what needs to be done now in order for us to achieve the goals set.

We cover a lot in this episode, bunker infrastructure, safety, alternative fuels, sulphur, carbon, regulations, engines – but also how to make the shipping industry more visible to the general public.

Mark is an engineer and he has been working for classification societies after he sailed...


145 Harald Solberg, CEO Norwegian Shipowner’s Association

In episode 145 you will listen to Harald Solberg, CEO of the Norwegian Shipowner’s Association. He speaks about how the shipping industry needs to be bold and set up challenging targets and thereby be part of the solution for a climate-neutral future.

Harald is with me on the demand for us to speak about the maritime industry outside our own ranks, we need to become more visible in mainstream media.

The International Chamber of Shipping has suggested a fund for technical developments toward a...


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