Analysis: days of reckoning loom for AP Møller Maersk & Hapag-Lloyd

Let me begin today’s column with some special praise for five of my industry sources, whom I’ve nicknamed Mr Big, an industry executive (North America); T Island, supply chain specialist (APAC); Oasis, industry finance veteran (Europe); The Doctor, a freight forwarding innovator (North America); and Sunshine (Europe), a freight forwarding veteran.
With 127 years’ market experience between them, what they also have in common is that, little by little and from very different …

The post Analysis:...

Sounding: the evolution of hydrographic survey methods for ports

At the world’s busiest ports and harbours, ensuring that maritime operations can continue safely is not just about the operations above the water’s surface, but also below it.

Many ports around the world suffer from the impact of siltation, which is the build-up of silt and clay brought in by ocean tides and deposited on sea beds. In addition to damaging marine environments, this build-up can decrease the depth of vital maritime channels and cause potential safety issues for deep-hulled...

Is it time for the US to set the Jones Act adrift?

The Jones Act: an arcane law that should be consigned to the maritime history books, or a timeless piece of legislation that continues to strengthen US national security, and protect both maritime workers and the environment?

Outside of shipping circles, the question has been raised periodically, most recently in 2017 when President Donald Trump suspended the law for ten days to allow US-registered ships to deliver relief supplies to Puerto Rico during Hurricane Maria.

Under the Jones Act, the...

Analysis: K+N, Panalpina & DSV – still street-smart and gutsy?

Judging by the interims of Kuehne Nagel, Panalpina and DSV released this month, the biggest loser in the third quarter was the ocean freight trade.
Seasonality is not the culprit, rather we can blame supply chain affairs that give headaches to all the major freight forwarders, which are squeezed between budget-cautious shippers and constrained carriers.
Not looking good
Falling freight forwarding yields in ocean are symptomatic of strained relationships along the value chain, …

The post Analysis:...

Zencargo: a digital approach to shipping efficiency

The shipping industry is known to be sceptical towards new technologies and scarcely interested in digitisation, but, willing or not, it is increasingly required to embrace it.

Digital logistics company Zencargo couldn’t find better timing to enter this market. Launched by entrepreneurs Alex Hersham and Richard Fattal in 2017, Zencargo is a platform that aims to make logistics easier for shippers.

Estimates from the company predict the logistics sector to be worth $15.5bn by 2023, and the marine...

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