FreightWaves Classics: America’s commercial shipbuilding industry is nearly gone

container ships

The history of the American shipbuilding industry goes back to before the Revolutionary War. The United States is blessed with three extensive coastlines, as well as numerous ports and harbors that have been the sites of shipbuilding companies for more than 250 years. 

Although it is no longer true, at one time in the not too distant past the U.S. commercial shipbuilding industry led the world in quality and output. 

This article will focus on the U.S. merchant shipbuilding industry in the 20th...

Wilson named to head XPO’s spun-off logistics company

XPO Logistics Inc. (NYSE:XPO) said Tuesday that Malcolm Wilson, the current CEO of its European operation, will run the newly created logistics company that XPO plans to spin off into a stand-alone business.

Richard Cawston, currently XPO’s president, supply chain logistics-Europe, will continue in the role with the new company, Greenwich, Connecticut-based XPO said. Ashfaque Chowdhury, XPO’s president, supply chain logistics – Americas and Asia Pacific, will also remain in his current role with...

US- Asia Pacific Arbitrage Drives VLGC Demand & Rates

According to an Argus Media report, arbitrage economics between the US and the Asia-Pacific region must remain attractive to support Very large gas carriers (VLGCs) freight rates at the higher levels recorded in the fourth quarter of this year.

The EIA has cut its 2021 forecast for domestic propane consumption to 870,000 b/d, from 920,000 b/d previously. Meanwhile, US production will rise to 5.27mn b/d in 2021, from 5.09mn b/d in 2020. This combination should constrain prices, supporting...

Inchcape marine survey and inspection – everything under control

Inchcape marine survey and inspection – everything under control

David Pratt, Inchcape VP Marine Services, Asia Pacific

10 December 2020

Turbulent times are presenting shipowners and operators with a steady stream of new challenges. Inchcape offers cost-effective and efficient surveys to help keep things under control.

Inchcape surveys cover a wide range of shipowner needs, from above deck to below the waterline, with fuel concerns currently at the top of the list. “Bunker optimisation was already...

Career Tracks: GEODIS vows to increase number of female leaders

GEODIS aims to have women in 25% of its leadership positions by 2023.

The global supply chain operator has formed an internal women’s network dedicated to giving both “male and female employees opportunities to express themselves, make suggestions, initiate or support actions that contribute positively to gender equality and that help increase the number of women in leadership positions.”

“The network is also intended to improve the reputation of the logistics and transport industry, a field...

Problems at ports: Bottlenecks, container shortages, rate hikes — Freightonomics (with video)

Anthony Smith Zach Strickland

What peak buying season means for maritime freight and how an Asian trade deal affects shipping costs

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While tender rejection rates continue to recover for land-based freight through the month of November, the maritime sector is still seeing issues. 

During this week’s...

Korean Air takeover of Asiana to create single national carrier

An Asiana jumbo jet with white fuselage and multicolored tail lifts off from runway.

Korean Air agreed Monday to acquire a majority stake in indebted rival Asiana Airlines as part of a South Korean government effort to stabilize the nation’s aviation industry from the devastating effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

The industry consolidation is designed to increase the competitiveness of both carriers at a time of limited travel demand by streamlining route operations, lowering costs and increasing the chance to acquire more takeoff and landing slots at Incheon International...

Baltic Exchange enters airfreight market with pricing index

Baltic Exchange

The Baltic Exchange, a centuries-old provider of maritime market information, has turned its attention to the sky by entering a partnership with air cargo pricing publisher TAC Index.

The London-based exchange will generate six outbound airfreight indices and 17 individual destinations, which will be offered under the Baltic Air Freight Index (BAI). TAC, based in Hong Kong, will keep these indices current.

The BEI indices will be priced in U.S. dollars per kilogram of freight and cover the key...

Geodis in US links to Shopify, Amazon


European third-party logistics services provider Geodis has expanded its position in U.S. e-commerce by recently integrating its system with online marketplaces Shopify (NYSE: SHOP) and Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN).

“As online shopping has accelerated, Geodis is constantly strengthening and evolving our IT solutions to provide the brands we serve with easy, efficient and effective ways to get their products to consumers,” said Pal Narayanan, the company’s chief information officer in the Americas.


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