VIDEO: Last large Key Bridge section moved from Federal Channel

Ten weeks after the containership Dali struck Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge initiating its collapse, salvage crews successfully removed the final large steel truss segment of the bridge blocking the 700-foot-wide Fort McHenry Federal Channel on June 3-4.

Using concrete breakers, underwater surveys, and oxyacetylene torches, they separated tons of concrete roadway, cable, and steel rebar from “Section 4C” while removing debris with clamshell dredges.

On May 20, Unified Command had cleared...

VIDEO: Dali refloated and relocated

How they planned to get Dali refloated and relocated

The Key Bridge Response Unified Command reports that salvors refloated and moved the M/V Dali at approximately 7 a.m., this morning. Video streamed by local media showed the Dali refloated, under tow and then alongside at the Port of Baltimore’s Dundalk Marine terminal, still with a portion of highway across its bow.

The whole operation appears to have gone completely according to a plan details of which were released Saturday.

That plan said that optimum conditions called for the transit of the...

NTSB: Dali had two blackouts on day before bridge strike

Image from NTSB preliminary report helps explain blackouts

Even as efforts continue to remove the containership Dali from beneath the remnants of Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge, an NTSB preliminary report has been released that says that the Dali lost power twice before slamming into the bridge.

Two other things that emerge is that all drug and alcohol tests were negative and that fuel tests revealed no fuel contamination.

What happened with the power blackouts — and in particular the two experienced while the ship was in port? If you’re unfamiliar...

VIDEO: Explosive cuts part demolish Key Bridge

Using precision explosive cuts, the Key Bridge Unified Command today demolished part of the Francis Scott Key Bridge that had been pinning down the bow of the Dali, the containership whose strike on the bridge initiated its collapse. Videos posted on YouTube and on C-Span, show that the demolition did not proceed exactly as originally planned.

Initially, the plan had been to demolish the whole of the bridge section resting atop the Dali.

Today, WBAL 11 TV reported that while the simulation video...

VIDEO: Key Bridge salvors are tackling a challenge of epic scale

New video and imagery released by the unified command show the scale of the challenge that the Key Bridge salvors face. In the current phase if the operation, salvage crews have been continuing to prepare for the complex task of removing the large piece of the Key Bridge that is pinning down the M/V Dali, the giant containership whose strike on the bridge initiated its collapse.

Video shows views of clean up from bridge of the Dali

Prior to removing the bridge piece, Key Bridge salvage teams...

Maersk: “We may be able use barge services in and out of Baltimore”

In a customer advisory released today, Maersk says that the opening of the new third temporary access channel to Baltimore could potentially allow it and other carriers to operate limited barge services into and out of the Port of Baltimore.

Following is the text of the advisory:

“The Baltimore Captain of the Port (COTP) has announced the opening of a third temporary alternate channel to provide limited access for commercially essential vessels in the Port of Baltimore. This channel, with a...

VIDEO: Key Bridge response, what’s new?

As the Key Bridge response Unified Command continues efforts to reopen access to the Port of Baltimore, the NTSB continues its investigation into what went wrong on board the containership Dali before it smashed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge, causing it to collapse. At a Senate hearing on her renomination, National Transportation Safety Board chair Jennifer Homendy said Wednesday that investigators believe that there is a connection between the lights going out on the ship, as seen in...

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