141 Airaj Isaacs, Director, Chartering & Brokerage, Business Development, Cavalier Group, Dubai

In episode 141, Airaj Isaacs, a second-generation maritime professional speaks about the current situation during the pandemic but also about the culture in the maritime industry, how we need to stop working in silos and open up to more people. We need to discuss how to attract young people into the shipping industry but also how to retain talent.

This episode was recorded over Zoom as the pandemic is not allowing any travelling.

What is your view on what Airaj is talking about? Do you agree?...


137 Sakura Kuma, Executive Director of YKIP, Yokohama-Kawasaki International Port Corporation

Listen to Sakura Kuma who has a holistic view of the port. She has worked as a terminal operator, business developer, landlord, port investments and she thinks that being able to walk in someone else’s shoes makes you more understanding of different perspectives. Sakura works with marketing & sales right now but her mind is geared towards CSR and how to become a responsible port contributing to the future development of the maritime industry.

Sakura gives tips on a book to read now called Up...


Dorothea G. Ioannou, Managing Director, Global Business Development, Shipowners Claims Bureau (Hellas), Inc.

Dorothea G. Ioannou is the Chief Operating Officer of the Shipowners Claims Bureau Inc., New York, in addition to leading the team in Piraeus. In 2017, Dorothea received the Next Generation Shipping Award at the Lloyd’s List Global Awards in London, which we talk about in addition to the value of social media, to create a talent pool and to be kind to people. 

We discuss leadership and the importance of staying on top of things, also the latest trends, if you are going to stay in business....

Full: https://shippingpodcast.com/dorothea-g-ioannou-managing-director-global-business-development-shipowners-claims-bureau-hellas-inc/