COLUMN | The demise of Diamond Offshore: Lessons for the future [Offshore Accounts]

Last week saw Noble Corporation cement its place as the great consolidator in the offshore drilling industry recovery. Seven days ago, Noble announced that it was buying Diamond Offshore Drilling in a stock plus cash transaction valuing the company at around US$1.6 billion, a deal unanimously...

COLUMN | Big is better? Big finds in Namibia; big losses at Gazprom; big sale at Edda Wind; big problems at Petrofac [Offshore Accounts]

Every day, the world uses around one hundred million barrels of oil. The term “big oil” is used pejoratively to describe the industry’s lobbying power. But is big always better? This week, we look at both the biggest and the best, and the biggest and the worst of the oil industry. Big finds:...

COLUMN | Safety culture matters: Pemex and Perenco on the wrong side of history [Offshore Accounts]

Offshore is one of the industries with the biggest risk profiles in the world. When bad things happen in offshore, people die, often there are explosions and sinkings, fires and oil spills, and the environment can be badly polluted, killing seabirds, fish, dolphins and coral, and inflicting...

COLUMN | Perenco’s shame and Gabon’s lax standards: a fatal combination [Offshore Accounts]

In an industry is awash with cash and record profits, it is tragic to see five people confirmed dead in an accident on a Perenco platform offshore Gabon, and one other worker still missing, presumed also killed, as per the most recent update. Last Wednesday, there was a fire on the Becuna platform...

Fire hits Perenco platform offshore Congo-Brazzaville

Oil and gas company Perenco has confirmed that a fire incident occurred on one of its platforms in the waters off Congo-Brazzaville on Tuesday, February 15. The company s ..

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