Flota portacontenedores se encuentra a punto de alcanzar su peak en ocupación pese al Covid-19

El año 2020 será recordado como uno de los años más extraños para el transporte marítimo de contenedores. Las perspectivas de las líneas navieras y propietarios no operativos eran sombrías, ya que la mayoría de los países entraron en cuarentenas que impactaron severamente el consumo, la producción industrial y, en un efecto dominó, al comercio mundial, reporta Alphaliner.


New Trial Seeks To Investigate Vitamin D COVID Protection Capacity

In a major development,  scientists are looking for volunteers to take part in a trial to see if taking vitamin D can give the immune system a boost against Covid, reports BBC. 

How will it happen?

People who join would be sent pills in the post to take daily for six months if a finger-prick test shows they are deficient in the “sunshine vitamin”.

UK residents are already advised to consider taking supplements over winter when vitamin D levels can dip.

That is to improve general health, not...


Commentary: How COVID took logistics tech from 2020 to 2050

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As recently as February, many companies considered work-from-home arrangements for their employees unrealistic and unlikely to happen. They recognized that they lacked the necessary IT infrastructure and other systems but had little reason to pursue making remote work possible. When our society shut down earlier this year, not only were a lot of companies faced...


COVID to Affect Both Eyes & Lungs

  • COVID-19 is primarily a respiratory infection, but the virus can also infiltrate the eyes.
  • While it’s not clear how the virus got into the patient’s eyes, the experts agreed the case underscores the importance of eye protection.
  • The people caring for someone with COVID-19 at home must be extra cautious.

Coronavirus Infects Eyes as Well as Lungs, writes By Amy Norton HealthDay Reporter for Medicinenet. 

Solid Evidence

COVID-19 is primarily a respiratory infection, but experts have suspected the...


 Perfect Storm Creates Supply Chain Misery 

  • Felixstowe’s vehicle booking system had caused chaos, led to carriers diverting ships.
  • Accept bookings made via a booking template on an excel spreadsheet attached to an email.
  • It won’t take bookings to and from any port in the UK until at least 12 October.

A storm for the unhappy port of Felixstowe created supply chain misery, writes Mike Wackett for The Loadstar.

Supply Chain Misery

High winds over the weekend in the UK, added to slow-working at the port of Felixstowe and the cyber-attack on...


El tráfico de transbordo del puerto de Barcelona cae un 30% hasta agosto

El total de mercancías movidas a través del puerto de Barcelona suma 37,7 millones de toneladas en los ocho primeros meses del año, lo que supone una caída del 18,6%. El abrupto descenso del comercio global como consecuencia del covid sigue impactando de forma negativa en los intercambios comerciales del enclave, en línea con la tónica internacional y las predicciones realizadas por la Organización Mundial del Comercio.

A pesar de que el tráfico total de contenedores registra hasta agosto una...


Negociación y Renegociación en Tiempos del Covid

Sobre el tema:

Las restricciones que se tienen por efectos de la pandemia, han debilitado las cadenas de suministro. Como afrontar las negociaciones entre las partes de la cadena? Hay diferencias ahora con lo que se hacía antes? renegociar contratos tiene las connotaciones que se usaban antes de esta nueva realidad? Que ha cambiado y que no. Quienes han cambiado y quiénes no.


COVID-19 Reminds Of The Woman Scientist Who Discovered Antivirals

  • Gertrude Elion developed the drug acyclovir, a potent inhibitor of herpes viruses with remarkably low toxicity, which her team unveiled in 1978.
  • Elion and Hitchings invented new medicines for a long list of serious conditions: leukemia, malaria, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, organ rejection, and more.
  • Their first drug, 6-mercaptopurine made possible one of the great success stories in cancer treatment.
  • The acyclovir compound made it possible to develop highly specific drugs that targeted viruses...


World’s Largest Vaccine Makers To Begin Human Testing In The US With Eye On Rollout In Early 2021

  • GlaxoSmithKlineand Sanofi are to start testing their protein-based Covid-19 vaccine on humans for the first time.
  • Furthermore, results of the trial are expected to arrive in early December 2020.
  • The two pharmaceutical companies are scaling up their manufacturing units to achieve an all time high of $1bn doses in production.
  • In Addition, the US government agreed to provide funds to speed up the development process, in return for 100m doses of the vaccine, if effective.
  • They are also looking to...