How did truckers in kidnapping cases go free so easily? — Long-Haul Crime Log

Two trucks passing during the night to illustrate an article about podcast episode about two truckers charged with kidnapping.

It’s a troubling case: Two truck drivers accused of kidnapping women and then forcing them into prostitution or holding them for ransom. Yet somehow, suspects Brian T. Summerson, 25, and Pierre Washington, 35, were able to secure their own freedom relatively easily during two points of the investigation by the FBI. 

In the latest episode of FreightWaves’ true-crime podcast, Long-Haul Crime Log, co-host and investigative reporter Clarissa Hawes looks into the case and the uncomfortable questions...

Drilling Deep: The scattered factoring business might become a lot more unified

The factoring business has always been highly fragmented. But on this week’s Drilling Deep podcast, Marius Silvasan, the CEO of eCapital Corp., talks about his own acquisitions in the sector and why he thinks it is an industry ripe for consolidation.

Also, host John Kingston talks about two reports out of the oil patch that on their face seem to contradict each other but may be more in sync than one might think.

More articles by John Kingston

Drilling Deep: What invoices are telling us about the...

Alleviating cost fears in Biden’s electric-truck push

As the Biden administration attempts a hard turn toward electrifying transportation, small, independent owner-operators — who represent the vast majority of trucks on the road — fear that the cost of moving in that direction could put them out of business.

But commercial drivers participating in the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Super Truck program geared toward reducing emissions are trying to convince them otherwise.

“Early on when we had emission-system truck rollouts, a lot of smaller...

Teamsters protest in SoCal gets burst of support from longshoremen

What had been deemed a strike in Southern California by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters — but was undertaken by people who were not employed — does appear to have disrupted some port operations in the Los Angeles/Long Beach port area Wednesday, albeit briefly.

Just how much of a disruption is a point of some contention. What is clear is that a protest by workers fired from divisions of Universal Logistics (NASDAQ: ULH)  late last year, soon after some of them had voted to unionize,...

Coyote Logistics makes truck parking reservations available within CoyoteGo platform

Truck drivers hauling loads for Coyote Logistics now have access to safe and secure reserved parking through the CoyoteGo digital freight platform. The spaces are being made available through an integration with TruckPark.

“Sourcing trailer parking has been a long-standing complexity and source of frustration for carriers, which has been exacerbated by changes in demand caused by COVID-19. Shippers rely on Coyote’s reliable capacity to move their freight, and carriers rely on us to make that...

Running a small trucking company hell-bent on success — FreightWaves Insiders

On this episode of FreightWaves Insiders, Dooner catches up with trucker and Hell Bent Xpress owner Jamie Hagen.

They talk about the career journey of a driver from teenage hauler to fleet owner, as well as Mackonomics, brand partnerships and maximizing fuel efficiency. Also on tap: top driver issues and why drivers feel the way they do, plus much more.

Hagen calls himself a strong entrepreneurship professional with a master’s degree focused in Left Lane Logic from Interstate University.


Report, competing letter fire up debate over full-service centers on interstates

The issue of allowing service areas on interstate highways that would carry a full range of amenities, long a contentious battle in the trucking industry, has been revived again by a paper issued by the Reason Foundation.

It comes at the same time Washington is focused on infrastructure, and the Reason paper, written by noted free-market transportation analyst Robert Poole, sees private money as a way of providing funding for that work.

Just about the time Poole and Reason were releasing the...

News alert: Biden taps Joshi to lead FMCSA

President Joe Biden intends to nominate Meera Joshi to be administrator of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), the White House announced on Wednesday.

Joshi, currently FMCSA acting administrator, would be the first to hold the administrator title since Ray Martinez left the agency in October 2019. Jim Mullen and Wiley Deck led the FMCSA as deputy administrators after Martinez stepped down but were never confirmed by the U.S. Senate. Joshi must be Senate-confirmed before...

Dismissed workers at Universal Logistics in SoCal mount protest to get jobs back

The Teamsters are calling it a strike, but an action at a Universal Logistics (NASDAQ: ULH) facility in Compton, California, Monday is more of a protest by workers who want their job back.

Though the protest was small, it’s another battle in the ongoing California labor wars, where the intersection of Teamster efforts to unionize and issues of driver classification all come together. Looming in the background at all times are California’s regulations dealing with the issue of worker...

Skeptical judge acquits trucker caught with heroin at Canadian border

A view of cars lining of at the Watson US-Canada border crossing to illustrate an article about a trucker arrested on drug charges at that border crossing.

An off-duty truck driver caught at the U.S.-Canada border with 13 bricks of heroin in a car was found not guilty on two drug charges by a Canadian judge who determined that his version of events was “plausible.” The driver maintained that someone must have placed the drugs in the trunk while he helped fix another trucker’s rig at a rest stop.

Dump truck driver Gurpreet Mand was found not guilty on April 1, more than three-and-a-half years after his arrest in August 2017. Mand was attempting to...

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