Nikola stats show H2-powered trucking is for real

Nikola has delivered 75 hydrogen-powered fuel cell trucks to customers. It has an order bank that should begin to produce meaningful revenue. Now it is producing statistical evidence that hydrogen-powered trucking is not just for show.

At two industry conferences this week and in data shared first with Truck Tech, Nikola revealed it has:

  • Completed 1,666 hydrogen fill-ups at three mobile refuelers in Coolidge, Arizona, as well as Ontario and Long Beach, California.
  • Dispensed 60.54 tons of...

Workhorse on the bubble, or is it worse?

Less than three months after my generally upbeat visit to Workhorse Group’s refurbished plant near the Ohio-Indiana border, the electric truck maker’s situation appears dire.

Layoffs and furloughs

Workhorse has laid off 20% of its workforce. Much of the rest is on unpaid furlough and could be called back to work. 

The company is choked with inventory. It has less than $7 million in cash on the books and accounts payable for more than twice that amount. At a projected burn rate less than Q1’s $5.5...

Tesla to trucking industry: Step up your electric game

LAS VEGAS — The Advanced Clean Truck Expo is a come-all event. Until this year, Tesla has passed on attending.

The ACT Expo has outgrown the art deco charm of Long Beach and the “Disney-fied” atmosphere of Anaheim, California. This year, it moved to convention mecca with exhibitors filling the North Hall of the sprawling Las Vegas Convention Center. It returns to Anaheim in 2025, occupying both halls of the convention center in 2025.

Dozens of battery electric, fuel-cell electric and alternative...

Prologis, Maersk launch heavy-truck charging hub near SoCal ports

Logistics real estate investment trust Prologis announced the opening of Southern California’s largest electric charging depot for heavy-duty trucks through a partnership with Performance Team, a warehousing and distribution subsidiary of Maersk.

The station is located near the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. With nine megawatts of capacity, the depot can charge up to 96 heavy-duty trucks at the same time.  

The facility was built in just five months and boasts the nation’s biggest electric...

PepsiCo to add 50 Tesla electric semi-trucks to California fleet

PepsiCo Beverages North America (NASDAQ: PEP) announced this week that it plans to add 50 Tesla electric semi-trucks to its California fleet as part of the company’s mission to reach net-zero emissions by 2040.

The snack and beverage company plans to rollout the trucks throughout the next several months, according to an announcement. The trucks will operate out of the company’s manufacturing and distribution facility in Fresno. 

Pepsi will also add 75 Ford E-Transit electric vans to its...

EV startup Harbinger snags $400M in commercial vehicle chassis orders

Harbinger, a startup building medium-duty electric commercial vehicle chassis, announced Tuesday 4,000 vehicle pre-orders valued at more than $400 million. 

Among companies ordering electric vehicle chassis from Harbinger is Bimbo Bakeries USA, the U.S. business unit of Grupo Bimbo, the world’s largest baking company. Harbinger also received an order from Thor Industries, one of the world’s largest recreational vehicle manufacturers, the company said.

“While other new entrants struggle to fill...

Opposition grows to speedy electric truck transition

The Advanced Clean Transportation Expo, a generally upbeat event for battery electric, hydrogen and other emission-friendly technologies, takes place next week in Las Vegas amid a growing and widespread backlash to the regulation-driven transition to electric trucks.

Nearly every stakeholder — from the trucking industry and driver organizations to state attorneys general — is weighing in with dire estimates of crippling costs to a cyclical industry. Ryder System Inc. is the latest, dissecting...

Can wireless charging lower cost of EV fleets? Purdue researchers hope so

Purdue University and the Indiana Department of Transportation are creating a roadway capable of wirelessly charging electric vehicles, including Class 8 trucks, traveling at highway speeds. Researchers say that could lead to smaller batteries and lower barriers to electric fleets.

A quarter-mile roadway is being outfitted with the technology on U.S. Highway 231 in West Lafayette. If successful, the research has the potential to lower the cost of an electric truck, experts told FreightWaves. The...

Unraveling the mystery of electric trucks’ residual values 

The regulation-driven purchase of commercial electric trucks carry a lot of unknowns. One of the biggest is their residual value, or how much they will be worth as trade-ins.

Rich Mohr, senior vice president of North America ChargePoint, said the past is a prelude for what is happening with first-generation electric trucks.

Depreciating electric trucks to scrap value

“Three years ago, the biggest risk around fleets adopting electric vehicles was the residual value and the [anticipated] life of...

Daimler Truck marries electric and autonomous technologies

Daimler Truck added autonomous driving technology to its Class 8 electric eCascadia, creating a demo that addresses future markets for driverless trucks and emission realities that will eventually push out diesel fuel.

“We asked ourselves, ‘What would it look like if we combined the freight efficiency potential of an autonomous truck with the promise of zero emissions and decarbonization of our series production electric vehicle?’” Joanna Buttler, head of the Daimler Truck Global Autonomous...

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