148 Cary Davis, Senior Government Relations Director & General Counsel, American Association of Port Authorities, AAPA

In episode 148 you will be listening to my conversation with Cary Davis, Senior Government Relations Director & General Counsel, American Association of Port Authorities and how he works with the U.S. Congress to make sure that everyone understands the importance of seaports and infrastructure when it comes to the global supply chains.

There is an election coming up, new congressmen will arrive, the Covid-19 has an impact on how to work with the mission to highlight the importance of the...


145 Harald Solberg, CEO Norwegian Shipowner’s Association

In episode 145 you will listen to Harald Solberg, CEO of the Norwegian Shipowner’s Association. He speaks about how the shipping industry needs to be bold and set up challenging targets and thereby be part of the solution for a climate-neutral future.

Harald is with me on the demand for us to speak about the maritime industry outside our own ranks, we need to become more visible in mainstream media.

The International Chamber of Shipping has suggested a fund for technical developments toward a...


Breaking News: Navistar names Lisboa next CEO

Persio Lisboa

Navistar International Corp. (NYSE: NAV) named Persio Lisboa on Friday as its next CEO and president effective July 1.

Lisboa, 54, currently executive vice president and chief operating officer, succeeds Troy Clarke, who will remain at Navistar in the newly created role of Executive Chairman.

Navistar had extended Clarke’s term as CEO three times, in part because of an unsolicited takeover offer by TRATON Group, the German truck holding company of Volkswagen AG. TRATON made a $2.9 billion bid on...


140 Lesley M. Warrick, Executive Director, Seafarers’ House at Port Everglades

Episode 140 is released on Thursday, June 25th since that is the International Day of the Seafarer, the day when we celebrate the seafarers who serve us during the pandemic by keeping trade lanes open.

Listen to Lesley M. Warrick, Executive Director at the Seafarer’s House at Port Everglades and how they serve the seafarers visiting them, and what support they have been able to give during the covid-19 pandemic.

Seafarer’s House at Port Everglades is multi-faith cooperation among Christians,...


139 Giovanni Colotto, Managing Director, De Poli Tankers BV

In episode 139 you meet Giovanni Colotto, Managing Director, De Poli Tankers BV, a 32-year-old Italian who lives in the Netherlands nowadays. Giovanni wrote me an email asking to become a guest since he wanted to contribute with his knowledge and is ambitious to be part of the change the maritime industry needs.

We discussed a lot about change, NextGen, diversity, visibility, sustainability and leadership, the things I find most interesting to discuss. What are your views on these topics? Do...


137 Sakura Kuma, Executive Director of YKIP, Yokohama-Kawasaki International Port Corporation

Listen to Sakura Kuma who has a holistic view of the port. She has worked as a terminal operator, business developer, landlord, port investments and she thinks that being able to walk in someone else’s shoes makes you more understanding of different perspectives. Sakura works with marketing & sales right now but her mind is geared towards CSR and how to become a responsible port contributing to the future development of the maritime industry.

Sakura gives tips on a book to read now called Up...


136 Katy Ware, Director of Maritime and Safety standards, Maritime Coastguard Agency, Permanent Representative of the UK to the IMO

In episode #136 you meet Katy Ware, Director of Maritime and Safety standards at the Maritime Coastguard Agency and a Permanent Representative of the UK to the IMO, a power woman who is working very hard to support the maritime industry in the pandemic crises. Katy is concerned about the seafarers around the world, the cruise industry and how the shipping industry will rise again after the pandemic but she is also optimistic in saying that the window of opportunity is open and now is the time...


133 Roger Göthberg, Managing Director, MAN Energy Solutions Sverige AB

In this episode, you meet Roger Göthberg, Managing Director, MAN Energy Solutions Sverige AB, who is taking us through his career as a supplier to the maritime industry where most of his decisions are about how we can move towards a carbon-free shipping industry.

Roger believe in teamwork, he showed me a small sign on his desk (you can see it on the Instagram account of the Shipping Podcast, where it says Passion + Energy + Competence & Curiosity = Teamwork = Victory. I think it’s great!



132 Jörgen Karlsson, Head of ABB Marine Sweden, Industrial Automation

Meet Jörgen Karlsson, Head of ABB Marine Sweden, with a background from building cars, flying helicopters, working with trains and then robotics, we have an interesting conversation about the exciting time the maritime industry is experiencing right now with the alternative fuels, digitalisation and autonomous vessels.

We talk about the technical side of the change we are in now and why it’s so important to support it and tell the world about it.

Battery fuelled ferries, remote supported machine...


131 Lena Gothberg, Host and Producer of the Shipping Podcast

It’s changing the format – it’s a solo episode by Lena Gothberg about being a podcast producer in the maritime industry.

I speak about why I started the Shipping Podcast almost 5 years ago and what I have learned during the journey. It’s so important that we as an industry take it seriously how we can compete about the best talent out there and the only way forward is a joint project aiming at raising the profile of the maritime industry. We need to hang out where the #nextgen are and we cannot...