Baltimore shipping channel reopens 11 weeks after Key Bridge collapse

The main ship channel to the Port of Baltimore has been fully cleared of debris and was reopened Monday evening, 11 weeks after a cargo ship lost power and struck the Francis Scott Key Bridge.

The Fort McHenry Channel had been blocked since March 26, when the container ship Dali lost power and crashed into one of the Francis Scott Key Bridge’s support piers, knocking it over and killing six construction workers who were filling potholes on the roadway.

“We’ve cleared the Fort McHenry Federal...

Dali owner hires lobbyists in Washington to quash changes to America’s Limitation on Liability Act of 1851

Concerned about the immense scale of damage claims coming its way, the owner’s of this year’s most infamous ship have hired lobbyists in Washington to try and ensure American politicians do not tinker with the country’s liability laws.  Citing federal lobbying records, the Baltimore Sun is...

VIDEO: Last large Key Bridge section moved from Federal Channel

Ten weeks after the containership Dali struck Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge initiating its collapse, salvage crews successfully removed the final large steel truss segment of the bridge blocking the 700-foot-wide Fort McHenry Federal Channel on June 3-4.

Using concrete breakers, underwater surveys, and oxyacetylene torches, they separated tons of concrete roadway, cable, and steel rebar from “Section 4C” while removing debris with clamshell dredges.

On May 20, Unified Command had cleared...

Dali to be refloated today as manager urges for crew to be allowed to leave vessel

The refloat and transit of the stricken Dali containership from its current location to a terminal in Baltimore is slated for Monday morning. Optimum conditions call for the transit of the 9,9062 teu ship to commence at high tide, predicted to be at 5:24 am. The entire refloat sequence, including...

NTSB: Dali had two blackouts on day before bridge strike

Image from NTSB preliminary report helps explain blackouts

Even as efforts continue to remove the containership Dali from beneath the remnants of Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge, an NTSB preliminary report has been released that says that the Dali lost power twice before slamming into the bridge.

Two other things that emerge is that all drug and alcohol tests were negative and that fuel tests revealed no fuel contamination.

What happened with the power blackouts — and in particular the two experienced while the ship was in port? If you’re unfamiliar...

VIDEO: Explosive cuts part demolish Key Bridge

Using precision explosive cuts, the Key Bridge Unified Command today demolished part of the Francis Scott Key Bridge that had been pinning down the bow of the Dali, the containership whose strike on the bridge initiated its collapse. Videos posted on YouTube and on C-Span, show that the demolition did not proceed exactly as originally planned.

Initially, the plan had been to demolish the whole of the bridge section resting atop the Dali.

Today, WBAL 11 TV reported that while the simulation video...

VIDEO: Precision explosive charges will be used to cut bridge section pinning Dali

explosive charges use explainer

Precision cuts made with small explosive charges will be used to remove a large section of bridge wreckage that is pinning down the bow of the M/V Dali, the vessel whose strike on Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key bridge initiated its collapse

The exact time of the precision cuts will depend on multiple environmental and operational factors.

The small explosive charges, a standard controlled demolition tool, will split the large section of truss at specific locations to create multiple, smaller...

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