From Improved Storage To New Variant Efficacy – Pfizer COVID Vaccine Shines

  • New research and lab studies are providing more hope for the Pfizer vaccine.
  • While Pfizer’s own study has shown that the vaccine can be stored in warmer temperatures now, a lab study has shown its effectiveness in new variants. 
  • Lab studies show the vaccine can neutralise  two-third of the south African Variant.
  • Pfizer has said there’s no real life report of new variants escaping the vaccine.
  • Meanwhile Pfizer provided data that shows the vaccine can be stored at -70 ° instead of -112°
  • Pfizer...

Fresh-Tuna Freezers ‘Repurposed’ To Transport COVID19 Vaccines

  • Industrial freezers first created to ship perishable foods like fresh tuna to Japan have been retrofitted to ship the newly-approved Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.
  • The doses can be transported in freezers like those from Thermo King, which have been proven to keep supermarket- and restaurant-grade tuna at -76 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The vaccine has to stay ice-cold to remain effective, since it uses a new kind of immunization technology called mRNA, or messenger RNA.

Thermo King, an industrial...

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