MEPC 81: A global carbon tax on shipping is getting closer

As IMO’s MEPC 81 was going on in London last week, ABS Chairman and CEO Christopher J. Wiernicki was telling a session of the CERAWeek energy conference in Houston that a universal, global carbon tax on shipping is coming, as alternative blue fuels made with carbon capture emerge as a critical step in the energy transition at sea.

“We need to recognize that there is an intermediate step in the energy transition,” he said. “Last year the conversations were focused on going from oil to a green...

Propuesta a la OMI Criticada por Socavar los Esfuerzos de Descarbonizar el Transporte Marítimo

La propuesta, de ser implementada, podría potencialmente obstaculizar los esfuerzos globales para descarbonizar la industria del transporte marítimo.

Esta entrada Propuesta a la OMI Criticada por Socavar los Esfuerzos de Descarbonizar el Transporte Marítimo Aparece primero en FullAvanteNews.

NYK Releases the 2023 NYK Report

Credit: NYK line

NYK has issued the English version of its 2023 NYK Report.

Report Features

The report features the company’s new medium-term management plan announced in March:

“Sail Green, Drive Transformations 2026 — A Passion for Planetary Wellbeing.”

Additionally, NYK’s ESG management has shifted to an implementation phase, and specific initiatives and results are introduced from various perspectives.

NYK Group ESG Story

In his message, NYK President and CEO Takaya Soga looks back on the...

San Pedro Bay ports ahead of emissions reduction targets

San Pedro Bay ports emissions reduction

The Pacific Merchant Shipping Association (PMSA) reports that emissions from the combined San Pedro Bay ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles continue to decline as a result of marine terminal, ocean carrier and industry partner investments in cleaner equipment and technologies, including operational changes, to improve air quality in Southern California, according to two new reports released by the ports. (Port of Long Beach report and Port of Los Angeles report.)

The San Pedro Bay ports together...

Regulators Shift to Low-Carbon Bunkers for Net-Zero 2050 Goal

Credit: evergreen-marine

Maritime trades have been powered by residual fuels that emit high levels of air pollutants and greenhouse gases for decades, but a growing number of regulators are pushing vessel operators to use greener energy sources.

Low-Carbon Shipping

The International Maritime Organization (IMO), having reduced sulfur limits for bunker fuels, is now leading the charge for low-carbon shipping amid mounting climate pressure. Adrian Tolson of 2050 Marine Energy highlights the agency’s...

ScanOcean And Neste Partner To Supply Biodiesel For Bunkering In Sweden

Credit : Neste

The biodiesel will be made available at the Södertälje ex-pipe facility for ships transiting Lake Mälaren in southern Sweden, near the Baltic Sea, reports

Reduction of GHG by 80℅

Neste produces biodiesel at its plant in Porvoo, Finland using renewable feedstocks blended with either marine gas oil or marine diesel oil (MDO). The fuel can reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by up to 80% on a lifecycle basis compared to conventional oil-based marine fuels, Neste claims.

Marine Fuel Global Weekly Market Update


A weekly Argus news digest of interest to the conventional and alternative marine fuel markets, offering insights into developments shaping the maritime industry’s fuel landscape.

Alternative marine fuels

New York, 4 August World Kinect bunker sales slump but profit is up US-based fuel supplier World Kinect, formerly known as World Fuel Services, boosted its profit.

Singapore, 4 August Methanex hikes China methanol contract price, cuts Asia Canada-based methanol...

Poseidon Principles Provide A Platform For Financing Shipping’s Sustainable Future

Credit: christian-lue-unsplash

The Poseidon Principles provide a platform for financing shipping’s sustainable future, but the technical guidance underpinning the initiative remains under scrutiny, reports Marine Link.

UN agency’s strategy on GHG

In July 2023, the International Maritime Organization’s Maritime Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) will consider revising the UN agency’s strategy on greenhouse gas emissions from ships. Moving on from a current target to reduce CO2 emissions from...

Peninsula To Begin To Biofuel Bunker Supply

Credit: Venti Views/Unsplash

Peninsula said it is commencing the supply of biofuels at its hub ports in the Strait of Gibraltar, after having recently received its International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) in respect of physical supply operations in Gibraltar, Algeciras and nearby ports, says an article published on Manifoldtimes.

Lower carbon emissions

The ISCC permits the supply of biofuels from feedstocks that have fully traceable, sustainable and GHG reducing supply chains.


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