Fire on Marlin Luanda extinguished after 6 hour battle

French Navy photo indicates the intensity of Marlin Luanda fire before it was brought under control

After a long fight by its crew and Indian Navy firefighting specialists, the fire on the Trafigura-chartered tanker Marlin Luanda has been extinguished. As we reported previously, the fire broke out in one of the cargo holds when the vessel was struck yesterday by a missile fired from Houthi-controlled territory in Yemen.

Today, Trafigura said:

“We are pleased to confirm that all crew on board the Marlin Luanda are safe and the fire in the cargo tank has been fully extinguished. The vessel is now...

Navies swat down Houthi missile onslaught

The U.S. Navy and the U.K. Royal Navy have shot down a barrage of Houthi missile and drone attacks launched towards international shipping lanes in the Red Sea by Houthis this morning,

Following the Houthi missile onslaught, U.S. Central Command released the following statement:

HMS DIAMOND, along with US warships, has repelled the largest attack by the Iranian-backed Houthis in the Red Sea to date.

Destroying multiple attack drones with her guns and sea viper missiles.

Ukraine takes out Black Sea Fleet landing craft Novocherkassk

Remains of Novocherkassk after missile strike

Ukraine appears to have effectively destroyed another Russian Black Sea Fleet vessel, the large amphibious assault landing ship Novocherkassk.

This latest destruction of Putin's navy demonstrates that those who believe there's a stalemate in the Ukraine war are wrong!

They haven't noticed that over the past 4 months 20% of Russia's Black Sea Fleet has been destroyed.

Russia's dominance in the Black Sea is now…

— Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP (@grantshapps) December 26, 2023


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