Hapag-Lloyd With Extraordinarily Strong Start To The Year In First Quarter

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Hapag-Lloyd has concluded the first quarter of 2022 with an EBITDA of USD 5.3 billion (EUR 4.7 billion). The EBIT rose to USD 4.8 billion (EUR 4.3 billion), and the Group profit climbed to USD 4.7 billion (EUR 4.2 billion).

“The year has got off to an exceptionally strong start on the whole, and whilst there have been first signs that the market has passed its peak we also expect a strong second quarter,” said Rolf Habben Jansen, CEO of Hapag-Lloyd AG.

Revenues rose in the first quarter of 2022...


Has the peak of container shipping’s epic boom already passed?

container shipping Hapag-Lloyd

Another quarter, another earnings record for Germany’s Hapag-Lloyd, the world’s fifth-largest container line operator. But the focus now is less about what happened a few months ago and more about what’s happening now with China lockdowns and consumer demand, and what’s around the corner for supply chains and ocean freight rates.  

The implied message of Hapag-Lloyd quarterly release and conference call was: The container boom peaked in the first quarter; it’s downhill from here. Spot rates are...


Hapag-Lloyd reports US$4.7 billion profit in first quarter

Hapag-Lloyd has achieved “an exceptionally strong start” of the year, according to the company’s CEO Rolf Habben Jansen, who expects a strong second quarter.

The German ocean carrier has concluded the first quarter of 2022 with an EBITDA of US$5.3 billion, EBIT of US$4.8 billion, while the Hapag-Lloyd’s profit climbed to US$4.7 billion and revenues rose to US$9 billion.

The increased revenues can primarily be attributed to a much higher average freight rate of US$2,774/TEU and a stronger US...


Hapag-Lloyd, Eurogate and Contship Italia to develop and operate new box terminal in Egypt

Hapag-Lloyd, Eurogate and Contship Italia have formed a new joint venture to develop and operate a new container terminal in the port of Damietta in Egypt, after the final signing of the concession agreement which took place on 10 May in Cairo, Egypt.

The joint venture “Damietta Alliance Container Terminal S.A.E.” consists of three core shareholders, Hapag-Lloyd Damietta GmbH – 39%, Eurogate Damietta GmbH – 29.5% and Contship Damietta Srl – 29.5% and two extra partners, Middle East Logistics &...


Hapag-Lloyd withdraws South America EC – Caribbean service

Hapag-Lloyd has announced the cessation of its South America East Coast – Caribbean Service (SCS), due to the “unprecedented strain” of the global logistics industry.

The German container carrier has published the following last sailings per direction:

  • Southbound: MH Hamburg, V. 223S, Estimated Time of Arrival in Houston 17 June
  • Northbound: MSC Barcelona, V. 225N, Estimated Time of Arrival in Rio de Janeiro 12 June

The Hamburg-based box line said that in the future, most of the ports that were...


Η Hapag-Lloyd αλλάζει το τοπίο των εφοδιαστικών αλυσίδων

H Hapag-Lloyd προχωρά με μια σημαντική καινοτομία για τον στόλο των containers που διαθέτει. Συγκεκριμένα, η γερμανική εταιρεία θα εξοπλίσει τα εμπορευματοκιβώτια που διαθέτει με real-time συσκευές εντοπισμού, προσβλέποντας στη μεγαλύτερη απλοποίηση και στη διαφάνεια των εφοδιαστικών αλυσίδων.

Υπενθυμίζεται ότι η Hapag-Lloyd το 2019 εισήγαγε το real-time monitoring των reefer containers και πλέον μέσω του ΙοΤ προϊόντος Hapag-Lloyd LIVE θα μπορεί να παράσχει στους πελάτες της μια νέα ψηφιακή...


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