66 Vessels, 5.7MT Coal, 1000 Seafarers Stranded by China Ban

  • The 5.7 million tons of coal is worth more than $500 million.
  • An estimated 1,000 seafarers are manning the bulk carriers.
  • A total of 66 vessels loaded with Australian coal are positioned in Chinese waters.
  • Kpler identified 53 vessels holding Australian coal waiting about four weeks or longer to discharge at Chinese ports.
  • Thirty-nine of the ships are carrying about 4.1 million tonnes of metallurgical coal.

More than $500 million worth of Australian coal is on ships anchored off Chinese ports,...


Oil Tanker Under Attack In The Red Sea

An oil tanker came under attack while at a Saudi Arabian terminal in the Red Sea about 125 miles north of the country’s border with Yemen, according to the vessel’s owner, reports Bloomberg.

The Agrari, a so-called Aframax-class vessel able to haul about 700,000 barrels of oil, was holed about 1 meter above the waterline in the incident, a statement distributed on behalf of the carrier’s owner said. 

Cause of the incident

The incident took place as the ship was preparing to leave a berth at the...


The Process Of Approving A COVID Vaccine

News about potential vaccines have been encouraging – but when will they be ready? There has been lots of news about potential vaccines – but do we know when any will be delivered?

No. There are serious hurdles to be overcome first, and they are important to ensure the potential vaccine is safe, reports The Guardian.

Who will grant the licenses?

There are regulatory bodies all over the world but the main ones for these vaccines are the Food and Drug Administration in the US, the European Medicines...


Seafarers Stuck On Ships For About A Year Due To The Pandemic

Thousands of seafarers around the world have been stuck on ships for about a year or longer due to the coronavirus pandemic. The prolonged time at sea is taking a heavy toll on the crew, reports The Straits Times.

Feels like prison

Mr. Chris Moises Canaveral, a third mate on board a 22,000-tonne tanker, has not stepped on land in 10 months. He expects to still be out at sea come Christmas and New Year.

He said he is used to it. He first set foot on a merchant ship 10 years ago, when he was 26....


Bunkering Vessel Hijacked

According to a Dryad report, the missing tanker Stelios K was reported to be hijacked after owners lost contact with the vessel 40 nm south of Lome.

What happened?

The report indicates that contact was lost with the Togo flagged tanker STELIOS K (IMO8679209) while en route to Lagos. Vessels last known location was 115nm SSW Lomé. 

Coastguard authorities have confirmed that the perpetrators are still onboard the vessel and the crew remain safe. Local authorities have been informed and negotiations...


AMSA Bans As Many As 4 Ships This Year For Breach of MLC

  • Australia has a reputation for rigorous inspection and enforcement action in relation to its Port State Control (PSC) activities.
  • In recent years, this reputation has been most clearly illustrated by an ongoing focus on enforcing compliance with the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC).
  • And the imposition of hard-hitting trading bans for ships on which crew are underpaid.
  • Since 2014, 16 ships have been banned from Australian ports by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA).
  • This year...


Supertankers in China’s Plan To Drain Crude Oil Glut

  • China’s biggest refiner is eyeing a creative strategy to help rid Asia of a persistent diesel glut — brand new supertankers usually reserved for crude oil.
  • Unipec, the trading arm of China’s biggest oil refiner Sinopec Group, hired a newly-built very large crude carrier to load low-sulphur diesel in Asia for delivery to Europe.
  • The vessel ordinarily would have sailed empty from its shipyard in Northeast Asia to the Middle East or West Africa.
  • There it would pick up crude for the first time for...


[Watch] New High-speed Travel Technology Tested With Passengers

Virgin Hyperloop the “groundbreaking” technology made its first test journey carrying passengers, says an article published in Science Alert.

The ‘groundbreaking’ technology

The Virgin Hyperloop made its first journey carrying passengers in a test the company claimed represented a major step forward for the “groundbreaking” technology capable of transporting people at 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) an hour.

High-speed travel

The Hyperloop is intended to carry passengers in small pods through a vacuum...


Cargo Ship Attacked, Crew Kidnapped

A general cargo ship with the flag of Ghana was attacked and boarded by pirates in the Gulf of Guinea, reports Maritime Bulletin.

What happened? 

The cargo ship AM DELTA was trading in regional waters since November 2019 mostly between ports of Cameroon and Ghana.

The cargo ship was attacked and boarded at around 0400 UTC Nov 16 in the Gulf of Guinea some 160 nm west of Malabo, Bioko island, Equatorial Guinea.

Crew Casualties 

Except for two crew members of Guinean nationality all other crew...


World’s Largest Nuclear-powered Icebreaker Fails Trials

Russia failed to complete testing of its newest nuclear-powered icebreaker – the largest of its kind in the world – because there was not enough ice in the Arctic to carry out the tests, reports the Washington Newsday.

Arktika on thin ice

The Arctika icebreaker set off on its maiden voyage to the Arctic in September and returned to the city of Murmansk on October 12. The icebreaker’s 4,900-mile voyage was intended to test the ship’s capabilities and explore the commercial potential of the region.