18 Injured In A Chemical Explosion In South Korea

Seventeen months on from a very high profile explosion in the southeast of South Korea and the ship in question remains the source of much conjecture, still unable to leave the Asian nation, reports Splash247.

The accident 

Eighteen people were injured when a fire broke out on two vessels following an explosion on the chemical tanker Stolt Groenland moored at the Korean port of Ulsan in later September 2019.

The fire that broke out after the explosion spread to another chemical tanker, Bow Dalian,...


Containership Hits & Sinks a Vessel

A container ship struck an anchored fishing vessel in the South China sea, reports FleetMon.

What happened?

A container ship at around 0830 LT (UTC +7) Feb 26 struck an anchored fishing vessel in waters of Binh Thuan Province, north of Vung Tau. 

Vessel sank

Just after the incident, the fishing vessel sank. All the 8 crew in the vessel were reported to have been rescued. 

Compensation for the loss

Owner of the container ship is to settle with the fishing vessel owner compensation costs. 

Did you...


Cruise Ship Capsized, 4 Crew Members Found Safe

Four crew members of a cruise ship survived when their vessel capsized after hitting a rock at 0.3 nautical miles south of Pulau Lalang near Langkawi, on Saturday (Feb 27) night, reports the New Strait Times.

Epic Princess capsized

Kedah and Perlis Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) director Maritime First Admiral Mohd Zawawi Abdullah said in the incident at 10.30pm, the ‘Epic Princess’ cruise ship was on its way from Tanjung Tokong, Penang to Langkawi.

The Langkawi Maritime Rescue Sub...


Cargo Ship Docked for Repairs Following A “Mysterious Explosion”

  • An Israeli-owned cargo ship that suffered a mysterious explosion in the Gulf of Oman came to Dubai’s port for repairs.
  • The crew was unharmed, yet the vessel sustained two holes on the pole side and two on starboard side.
  • It remains unclear what caused the blast, but the incident comes amid sharply rising tension between the US and Iran over its unraveling 2015 nuclear deal.

An Israeli cargo ship has been struck by an unexplained explosion while sailing in the Gulf of Oman, reports the...


Seafarers Stranded in Germany To Return Home

Germany’s foreign ministry says 170 people from the Pacific island of Kiribati will be able to return home after being stranded in the country for several months, reports Yahoo News.

Kiribati Not Allowing Anyone 

The Kiribati citizens are seafarers who became stranded several months ago because their country – one of the few places without coronavirus cases – was not allowing anyone, even its own citizens, to re-enter.

Granted Permission To Transit

The ministry said that the South Pacific country...


Fire Aboard Berthed Tanker

Fleetmon reports of a tanker fire at Dunkirk.

Tanker ablaze

Fire erupted on board of tanker TORM LOUISE at around 0130 LT Feb 24, berthed at Total Terminal in Mardyck, Dunkirk, France.

Fire reportedly, started in one of cabins in superstructure, and probably spread to other compartments. Some 50 firefighters, on engines and tugs, were deployed. Fire was extinguished as of 1400 UTC Feb 24.

The tanker remained berthed, with no tugs or fire boats at her side. Extent of damages unknown. Tanker is...


Drug Peddlers Sink Boat Carrying 3 Tonnes of Cocaine

  • 9 Georgian and Turkish crew members were fished out of the sea by police officers.
  • The crew attempted to prevent the police by seizing the drugs by sinking their own boat.

Spanish authorities intercepted a merchant tanker carrying 3,000 kilos of cocaine in the Bay of Biscay – and in an unusual twist, they claim that the vessel’s crewmembers sank their own ship in an attempt to avoid prosecution, reports the Maritime Executive.

Smuggling ring investigation

The interdiction was the result of a...


Tourists Want Cruise Industry To Revive Soon

  • The cruise line industry has been shut down for nearly a year. Carnival announcing Wednesday it’s extending its pause in service through May 31st.
  • It is not surprising, but it is expected from them to cruise again relatively soon and it’s going to be a phased in approach.
  • The City of Mobile has lost out on nearly 200,000 visitors the cruise ship attracts every year and the money they spend not only at restaurants.

A recent news article published in the Fox10 News reveals that tourism insiders...


Maritime World Rattled By Similar Food Poisoning Incidents on Ships

Three ships operating in different parts of the world are all reporting cases of food poisoning among their crew, reports the Maritime Executive. 

What happened?
  • At least two crew members have died while others have been transferred from their ships and hospitalized.
  •  It might be coincidental or an outbreak of the more common norovirus, a common gastrointestinal disease, but it rarely causes deaths.
First Ship
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Maldives reported the first cases at the...


How A Shining Material Help A Seafarer Survive in the Pacific

  • Vidam Perevertilov fell off cargo ship Silver Supporter into the Pacific Ocean 
  • He plunged off the deck while getting fresh air after his shift on February 16
  • He spent hours struggling to stay afloat before seeing something on the horizon
  • Perevertilov swam to the fishing buoy and clung to it until he was rescued 

According to a Daily Mail report, a sailor who spent hours fighting the ferocious waves of the Pacific Ocean after falling overboard survived by clinging to an abandoned fishing buoy.



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