AT&T, Sony team for Smart Label parcel tracking tech

AT&T, Sony launch smart label tracking technology

Tracking demands for e-commerce parcels are and other parcels are continuing to increase. A recent SOTI Bricks to Clicks report found that last-mile delivery remains the most inefficient part of the entire e-commerce supply chain for 59% of U.S. transportation and logistics companies. Yet for the consumer, that piece remains a critical part of the online buying experience.

A survey of 6,000 consumers by Arlington Research for mobile technology platform SOTI during Q4 2020 found that 67% of...

Marten upgrades to ORBCOMM’s dual-mode tracking service

Marten taps ORBCOMM for tech upgrade

ORBCOMM, a provider of electronic logging devices and IoT technologies, announced Tuesday it has inked a deal with refrigerated truckload carrier Marten Transport (NASDAQ: MRTN).

The Rochelle Park, New Jersey-based tech provider said Marten has started replacing 3G wireless service that begins sunsetting this year with its dual-mode technology. The asset-tracking technology utilizes satellite and cellular connectivity, which are both managed on the ORBCOMM platform.

The enhanced service provides...

Samsara launches data report to show fleets how they stack up

In the commercial transportation sector, industrywide real-time data is a valuable thing.

Historically, it’s been difficult for trucking companies to know how their fleet is performing compared to other companies without access to industry benchmarks or a team of data scientists helping reveal the bigger picture.

Samsara aims to change that with the launch of its Fleet Benchmarks Report, which leverages a broad dataset to help compare a fleet’s performance to that of similar fleets across the...

Former Cisco exec Bostrom joins Samsara’s board of directors

San Francisco-based Samsara recently announced Sue Bostrom as the latest addition to the company’s board of directors.

Bostrom formerly served as the chief marketing officer at Cisco Systems, where she was responsible for developing and communicating the company’s vision and strategy through branding, advertising and product marketing. 

“Sue brings deep expertise across marketing and sales, having shaped the international go-to-market strategy for multi-category companies like Cisco,” Sanjit...

KVH Partners with Smart Ship Hub for KVH Watch Maritime IoT Solution

Remote vessel and voyage management platform Smart Ship Hub will offer KVH Watch connectivity to enable actionable insights for vessels

MIDDLETOWN, RI – Feb. 25, 2021 – KVH Industries, Inc., (Nasdaq: KVHI), announced today that remote vessel and voyage management platform Smart Ship© Hub is now a KVH Watch® Solution Partner and will offer KVH Watch services as part of its wide range of remote technical and operational management solutions. The Smart Ship Hub platform provides performance advisory and predictive diagnostics for vessel performance optimization as well as remote video-based maintenance and surveys and a wide range of related services that rely on real-time data feeds.

“The pillars of Smart Ship Hub’s services include remote tracking, monitoring, and providing actionable insights to our customers so their vessels operate as safely and efficiently as possible,” says Joy Basu, CEO of Smart Ship Hub. “We look forward to using KVH Watch connectivity to enable video, image, and real-time machine data that provides situational awareness and the most accurate assessment of vessel condition at any moment.”

“It is exciting to see the possibilities for operational and cost benefits that a platform such as Smart Ship Hub can produce for maritime businesses,” says Sven Brooks, senior director of IoT business development for KVH. “KVH Watch will enable Smart Ship Hub to have access to the real-time data that will make their digital platform all the smarter and will allow them to conduct troubleshooting sessions to solve critical issues at sea. More importantly, it will allow Smart Ship Hub to deploy more digital services and features than ever before as KVH Watch removes the technical constraints and limitations imposed by the traditional satellite connection onboard.”

Getting information from a vessel to shore is essential for bringing the maritime ecosystem into the digital age. Real-time data from the vessel’s equipment is the starting point for performance optimization. However, the ship’s bandwidth is constantly contested by other users, so there are data limits that prevent an IoT service company from scaling its digital business properly. Furthermore, this limited bandwidth poses a bottleneck for any required video troubleshooting. There needs to be high-speed Internet connectivity to enable video troubleshooting while the vessel is at sea, which saves time and money in port. Network management and cybersecurity issues must also be addressed as shipowners often restrict access for external parties. Therefore, a dedicated IoT connectivity solution is critically important for reducing cyber risks by keeping OT (operational technology) data flow separate from the vessel’s IT (information technology) data flow. Satellite connectivity designed for IoT is the key to being able to provide these services while the vessel is at sea and out of range of cellular signals.

KVH Watch is an IoT Connectivity as a Service solution that provides Flow, secure 24/7/365 machine-to-cloud satellite connectivity for remote monitoring of onboard equipment plus the ability to perform on-demand Remote Expert Interventions using video, voice, or text via KVH’s global HTS network. KVH Watch is designed for maritime equipment manufacturers, multicard service providers, and shipyards seeking affordable monthly subscription-based connectivity that L-band and cellular services cannot deliver at deep sea.

KVH is a mobile tech innovator that provides connectivity solutions for commercial maritime, leisure marine, and land mobile applications on vessels and vehicles, including the award-winning TracPhone® and TracVision® product lines, the global mini-VSAT BroadbandSM network, KVH Watch maritime IoT solutions, and AgilePlans® Connectivity as a Service (CaaS). The company’s KVH Media Group provides news, sports, and entertainment content with such brands as NEWSlink™ and SPORTSlink™.

Samsara hits milestone with $300M run rate

San Francisco-based Samsara announced Thursday it has surpassed more than $300 million in run-rate subscription revenue for the fiscal fourth quarter ended Jan. 30.

Company officials said the milestone in run-rate subscription was achieved in five years with an annual growth rate of 80%.

Samsara provides software and sensors to monitor and manage commercial fleets and industrial operations, with customers in the energy, food and beverage, construction and manufacturing, and transportation...

Cold chain technology adoption surges across Israel

black and red truck cruising down highway

Businesses with bottom lines that depend on keeping cargo cold and fresh are increasingly relying on wireless monitoring technologies ⁠— a trend seen most recently in Israel.

PowerFleet’s operating subsidiary, Pointer Telocation Ltd., announced in a press release Monday its significant success as a provider of subscription-based Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, which actively uphold the integrity of Israel’s pharmaceutical, agricultural and food distribution cargo. 

Four Israeli companies have...

Samsara’s technology solutions land it in the FreightTech 25

Samsara ranked No. 16 in the FreightTech 25.

Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) leader Samsara ranked No. 16 in the FreightTech 25 this year. Samsara provides software and sensors to monitor and manage commercial fleets and industrial operations. 

The company is innovating rapidly with over 200 new product updates this year, according to VP of Product Management Alexander Stevenson. Samsara expanded greatly this year, he said, reaching 20,000 customers in the energy, food and beverage, construction and manufacturing, and transportation...

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