Market insight: Frustration boils over in the bunker

The bunker mentality in logistics is awful.
Far from being educational, perhaps instead only mildly reflective, if anything, this column today is a mere representation of the informal feedback received from the corporate side and our private circles.
Taking a breather from the numbers, the insights and the like, the classic “do not shoot the messenger” applies.
But also, “if they talk about it, we talk about it” – and if they don’t …

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UK SMEs now have time to get ‘a system’ to prepare properly for customs changes

UK supply chains must use the delay of post-Brexit customs changes to implement new systems, or face going to the wall
Management consultant Neil McEvoy told The Loadstar the 40% “drop off a cliff” in UK exports to the EU in January proved that many businesses “just weren’t properly prepared” for the UK departure from the single market.
“Some companies did not miss a heartbeat in prepping for Brexit, and this isn’t to say …

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Another acquisition for Scan Global as Spain’s Grupo Contenosa joins the ‘family’

Acquisitive Scan Global Logistics, which has lofty ambitions in the freight forwarding space, has agreed to buy Spain’s Grupo Contenosa.
Scan’s Spanish arm, SGL Spain, will join forces with the newly acquired family-owned forwarder, making the pair a “significant player” in the market, claimed the company.
Grupo Contenosa’s owner, Augustin Rubio, said the acquisition would help propel the company into the international market.
“Becoming part of the SGL family gives us global coverage, …

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Promotion for Crane’s JD as he becomes regional VP, south-central Americas

Crane Worldwide Logistics has appointed John David Thomas (pictured above) as regional vice president, South-Central region in the Americas, which covers HQ in Houston, as well as central and west Texas, Louisiana and the US-Mexico border.
Mr Thomas, known as JD to clients and colleagues, joined Crane on its leadership development programme in 2009, shortly after the company was founded.
During the past 12 years, he has held multiple positions and was …

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Forwarder Forto goes green and offers to compensate customers’ CO2

Digital forwarder Forto will offer climate-neutral solutions across its portfolio by 2025 – but it already has a good take-up of its carbon offset programme, despite higher costs for customers.
The company has pledged to offer to compensate the CO₂ of every customer, and is working with Planetly to measure and analyse the carbon footprint of the transport booked by customers, in order to identify inefficiencies and reduce emissions.
Its partnership with …

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Time to go up a gear on sustainability, and it needs collective effort, says Seko

Seko Logistics management reckons it’s time to shift gears to a collective effort on sustainability.
The logistics provider has joined the Sustainable Air Freight Alliance (SAFA), an industry initiative established by BSR, an organisation of sustainable business experts.
SAFA has some 250 members, airlines, forwarders and shippers, looking to jointly press the accelerator on sustainability.
On the shipper side, SAFA boasts membership of the likes of H&M, Hewlett-Packard, Louis Vuitton and Nike,...

White House opens coffers for ports developing in line with climate agenda

Federal funding beckons for US ports looking to get in on offshore wind market development.
The government has supported a new and ambitious proposal for offshore wind energy growth with a $230m grant scheme for port projects related to sustainable energy programmes.
Grants will be awarded through the Port Infrastructure Development Programme on a competitive basis to projects that modernise port infrastructure and support economic vitality – but there is a special …

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