Elda Kazara Belja Lecturer and Admissions Officer at the International Maritime Law Institute, IMLI

In episode 125 you meet Elda Kazara Belja, Lecturer and Admissions Officer at the IMO International Maritime Law Institute, IMLI

IMLI’s overall mission is to help build the legal capacity among IMO member states, particularly developing states, to fulfil their obligations under the IMO treaties.

This interview was made June 25th, at the IMO in London and the next day IMLI was celebrating its 30th anniversary which Elda talks about in the episode.

It’s impressive that more than 1000 students from...


Emilie Christiansen, Legal Counsel, Group Legal – Region Europe and Africa DNVGL

It’s energising to meet young people and listen to what they have to say! What does the Millenials value in the workplace? Who do they want to work for and with?

Meet Emilie Christiansen, former President of YoungShip, she actually stepped down as late as March 2, 2019, and handed over the rein to Ingvild Nordhaug. You see the new Board of YoungShip International here: http://www.youngship.com/contact/ 

We cover so many interesting topics in this episode and here are some links that I promise in...


Dorothea G. Ioannou, Managing Director, Global Business Development, Shipowners Claims Bureau (Hellas), Inc.

Dorothea G. Ioannou is the Chief Operating Officer of the Shipowners Claims Bureau Inc., New York, in addition to leading the team in Piraeus. In 2017, Dorothea received the Next Generation Shipping Award at the Lloyd’s List Global Awards in London, which we talk about in addition to the value of social media, to create a talent pool and to be kind to people. 

We discuss leadership and the importance of staying on top of things, also the latest trends, if you are going to stay in business....

Full: https://shippingpodcast.com/dorothea-g-ioannou-managing-director-global-business-development-shipowners-claims-bureau-hellas-inc/