Dynamic linehaul optimization critical for fleets during hurricane season

Dynamic linehaul optimization critical for fleets during hurricane season (Photo: Jim Allen/FreightWaves)

The economic need for keeping the trucking industry functioning seamlessly has helped build a robust system that is impervious to inclement conditions like snow or hurricane. Today, stakeholders in the trucking industry plan their operations well in advance of upcoming disruptive weather events, with technology playing a crucial role in providing algorithm-driven insights to strategize better. 

Freight movement involves different segments like planning, routing and execution teams to work in...


Black box parcel shipping: Understanding the options for seamless integration

E-commerce revenue in the U.S. exceeded $600 billion in 2019, up almost 15% year-over-year. More Americans are opening their laptops instead of heading to the mall, and legacy retailers are facing the pressure to adapt to the times. The coronavirus pandemic continues to amplify that pressure as 2020 drags on. 

While retail e-commerce sales still make up a relatively small fraction of total retail sales in the U.S., that number nearly tripled from just over 4% of total sales in the first quarter...


Logistics companies may be guilty of doing digitalization wrong

Logistics companies may be guilty of doing digitalization wrong (Photo: Shutterstock)

The age of e-commerce and the “Amazon effect” on supply chains have resulted in the need for expediting shipment delivery. The evolving consumer delivery expectations have led businesses to scramble for digitalization, adopting strategies that can improve logistics efficiencies.

However, companies often rush into their digitalization processes without a clear strategy of what they want to accomplish. On the other end of the spectrum are enterprises that have run legacy systems for several...


Transplace opens Platform Services to SAP, Oracle, JDA

Transplace announced this morning, July 2, that it has opened up its Platform Services, which include analytics and benchmarking tools, a command center with real-time visibility and optimization, and network collaboration with other shippers, to customers who don’t use Transplace’s transportation management system (TMS).

Shippers that use SAP, Oracle, JDA and other TMS or enterprise resource planning systems to manage their supply chains can now feed their data into Transplace’s Platform...


COVID-19 makes lasting impact on sourcing and consumption patterns

COVID-19 makes lasting impact on sourcing and consumption patterns (Photo: Jim Allen/FreightWaves)

As COVID-19’s death rate in the U.S. continues to decline gradually, businesses are reopening their doors as states slowly start to relax their lockdowns. But with the threat of the pandemic still looming ominously, some companies are seeking to reshape and insulate their core processes. These efforts will likely be targeted at making sure another breakout would not pose an immediate threat to companies’ sourcing, manufacturing processes and customer base.

“The issue with COVID-19 is less...


Commentary: Uber Freight shows importance of people in logistics

Uber Freight tractor-trailer

The views expressed here are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of FreightWaves or its affiliates. 

The recent announcement of massive layoffs and the closure of 45 offices at Uber Technologies – and in particular, its CEO’s stated commitment to re-evaluating non-core, cash-burning businesses like Uber Freight – set the logistics world abuzz.

However, I would argue that it’s not in the way contributor Ryan Schreiber described. As he makes the case for Uber as an...


Transplace acquires ScanData, parcel managed transportation platform

This morning Transplace announced the acquisition of ScanData, a parcel managed transportation platform that optimizes 400 million parcel shipments worth more than $2 billion annually. Transplace manages $9 billion of freight in its network of shippers and carriers, offering technology solutions including process automation, visibility and network execution as well as value-added services including truck brokerage and intermodal.

Craftsman Capital Partners was the seller in the deal; financial...


FourKites adds paperless document transfer, communication and tracking enhancements

FourKites tracking

Document transfers have been a longstanding issue in the supply chain. The inability to electronically transfer bills of lading and proof of delivery documents leads to slower payments, lost paperwork, and in the current COVID-19 environment, increased health risk.

FourKites has introduced several new features for its platform designed to improve this process, eliminate paperwork, and enhance overall safety for front-line supply chain workers. In addition, new notifications, tracking options and...


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