Blockchain set back, as cryptocurrency failures deter confused freight industry

Fear of cryptocurrencies and confusion over what blockchain really is are two key reasons holding the freight industry back from embracing the technology.
Blockchain infrastructure can make transactions more secure, faster and simpler. But its link to cryptocurrencies, which is what it was originally developed for, has been a setback, as businesses confuse the recent failures of cryptocurrencies with blockchain.
“People still don’t know the difference between blockchain and cryptocurrency,”...

Maersk is Looking for AgriFood Startups

Maersk is Looking for AgriFood Startups Combatting Food Loss in Wake of Two Investments

Maersk, the end-to-end transport and logistics company and the biggest food transporter in the world, is currently accepting applications from agrifood tech startups for the second edition of its equity-free venture program, FoodTrack by Maersk. The focal point of the program is to identify startups with solutions to tackle food loss and improve efficiency across food value chains for a potential investment...

FUELSAVE: Fuel surcharges can be reduced

The recent fuel surcharges from major container shipping companies could be reduced for the mutual benefit of shipowners and operators, as well as their customers, considering the technologies available for reducing fuel consumption, believes Marc Sima, President and co-founder of Germany’s FUELSAVE.

Earlier this month, Maersk announced that the installation of technologies to reduce emissions will increase the cost of shipping a single twenty-foot container to $160, while MSC Mediterranean...

MSC introduces new fuel surcharge

MSC announced that it will introduce a new Global Fuel Surcharge as of 1 January 2019 in order to help customers plan for the impact of the post-2020 fuel regime.

MSC decided to implement the fuel surcharge, as its operating costs are expected to increase significantly ahead of the 2020 sulphur cap.

MSC’s Global Fuel Surcharge will replace current bunker surcharge mechanisms and will reflect a combination of fuel prices at bunkering ports around the world and specific line costs such as transit...

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