188 Alice Amundsen, Vice President/Senior Adviser Gard AS

To be able to make a difference in someone’s life

In episode 188, you will listen to Alice Amundsen, Vice President/Senior Adviser Gard AS. She has been the Head of People’s Claims, which means that she has been able to make a difference in other people’s lives.
We talk about the difficulties during the pandemic in giving medical assistance to crew onboard ships. Alice is appalled by the countries that refused t repatriate the bodies of the deceased seafarers. Seafarers must be designated...


FreightWaves Classics: The Yellowstone achieved ‘firsts’ in peace and war

Drawing of the steamboat Yellowstone by M. Watson. (Image: Council Bluffs Public Library)

In the era before railroads opened up the West (defined loosely as the area west of St. Louis), horses, stagecoaches and wagons were the primary means of travel – unless you were lucky enough to be able to travel on one of the nation’s navigable rivers. 

The side-wheeler steamboat Yellowstone (also known as the Yellow Stone in some citations) departed St. Louis, Missouri, on her maiden voyage in 1831. The vessel described by the St. Louis Register as a “new and handsome steam boat,” was built...


Blockbuster container shipping results collide with sinking sentiment

container line shipping Zim

Zim, the world’s tenth largest container shipping line, posted the best quarterly results in its history on Wednesday. It hiked its full-year guidance and now predicts 2022 earnings will be around 20% higher than in 2021. And yet, shares of Zim — by far the largest U.S.-listed shipping company by market cap — fell as much as 8% in the hours after its earnings release.

The record results from Zim (NYSE: ZIM) came on the same day as a 25% plunge in shares of Target (NYSE: TGT) and a 1,165-point...


FreightWaves Classics/Infrastructure: I&M Canal was successful until it wasn’t…

A section of the Illinois & Michigan Canal. (Photo: Illinois.gov)


The first canal built in the United States was constructed during 1792-1796. Built with private funds, it circumvented the South Hadley Falls on the Connecticut River in Massachusetts. Other small-scale private ventures followed this one. 

However, that changed in 1817 when construction of the state-funded Erie Canal began. It was a huge undertaking at that time; it was planned to connect Buffalo (which is located on Lake Erie) with the state capital of Albany (which is located on...


Drayage can no longer be considered an afterthought

Before the coronavirus pandemic prompted a serious surge in online shopping — therefore increasing port congestion manifold — companies would typically get away with submitting drayage and transloading work orders with little notice. That has all changed over the past two years. 

While drayage has faced demand surges, they have often been the relatively short-lived consequences of labor strikes or steamship company shutdowns. The impact of the pandemic has been much greater, and it is here to...


How to win the trade game: NY/NJ port directors explain their success

Container ship in New York City.

The East Coast ports have become a big winner in the trade game as more logistics managers diversify away from the West Coast. The Port of New York and New Jersey is just one of the ports reaping the benefits of this container migration. 

American Shipper recently spoke with outgoing Port Director Sam Ruda and successor Bethann Rooney on their assessment of these historic times and how Rooney will continue to bring all stakeholders together.

Port Master Plan impact

AMERICAN SHIPPER: Both of you...


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