Ocean freight rates steady despite Baltimore bridge collapse

The March 26 collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore has significantly disrupted U.S. East Coast supply chains. However, ocean freight container shipping rates have remained relatively stable, according to Xeneta, an ocean freight rate benchmarking and intelligence platform.

Xeneta’s data reveals that average spot rates from the Far East to the East Coast, including Baltimore, have fallen by 1% since the bridge collapse, standing at $5,421 per forty-foot equivalent unit. When...


Miscalculation adds up to thousands in excess ocean freight charges

FreightWaves Classics is sponsored by Old Dominion Freight Line — Helping the World Keep Promises. Learn more here.

FreightWaves explores the archives of American Shipper’s nearly 70-year-old collection of shipping and maritime publications to showcase interesting freight stories of long ago.

In this week’s edition, from the May 1978 issue, FreightWaves looks at an interesting dispute over responsibility for the extra charges one company incurred simply because of a paperwork error that lasted...


What to look for in a neutral NVOCC

Insights presented by Shipco Transport.

As technological innovations continue to accelerate, increasingly powerful digital solutions have made almost every aspect of the logistics industry’s supply chain businesses more efficient than ever before. 

Many would say this is a good thing for international transportation, a sector where technology and digital solutions power back-end operations, product offerings and powerful combinations of both hardware and software to support the movement of goods.



Still a transportation marvel, Golden Gate Bridge has eventful past

Deemed one of the “Seven Civil Engineering Wonders of the United States” by the American Society of Civil Engineers, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge is a symbol of architectural greatness and an integral part of transportation.

Construction on the bridge started 90 years ago last week, kicking off almost four and a half years of arduous and hazardous labor.

Construction began on San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge 1933. (Photo: Golden Gate Bridge Highway & Transportation District)



Carriers Unveil Blanking Programmes To Prop Up Rates

Some 8.8% of capacity is due to be pulled from the Asia to Europe market by ocean carriers over the next 12 weeks. CMA CGM has announced it will blank five sailings in the period surrounding China’s Golden Week, removing close to 100,000 teu from the Asia to Europe trades, reports The Loadstar.

National holiday

The carrier’s French Asia Line (FAL) services 1, 2, 5, 7 and 8 have been pulled for the seven-day national holiday running from 1-7 October.

It gave no reason for the move, but one source...


FreightWaves Classics/Fallen Flags: American Diamond Lines and Black Diamond Steamship Co.

This ship was similar to those owned by Black Diamond. (Photo: uboat.net)

An intertwined history  

The Black Diamond Steamship Company (BDSC) was established in 1919 following World War I by J.E. Dockendorff. He sought to build a line of passenger and cargo ships. 

Meanwhile, the American Diamond Lines was founded at about the same time by the United States Shipping Board (USSB). As noted in an earlier FreightWaves Classics article, the USSB was established as an emergency agency by the 1916 Shipping Act on September 7, 1916. Once the U.S. entered World War I, the...


FreightWaves Classics/Fallen Flags: US Shipping Board controlled US shipping for nearly 20 years

U.S. ships in port during World War I. (Photo: National Park Service)

The U.S. Shipping Board (Shipping Board or USSB) was established on April 16, 1917, as an emergency government agency in accordance with the provisions of the Shipping Act of 1916, which was passed by Congress on September 7, 1916. The corporation’s mandate was to “acquire, maintain and operate a fleet of merchant ships to meet the needs of national defense and foreign and domestic commerce.” 


By the 1910s, U.S. vessels had been at a disadvantage to foreign ships and the nation’s...


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