New method of installing monopiles of wind turbines tested

GBM Works and partners are conducting a pilot concerning a new method to install the monopiles on which wind turbines are installed in a sustainable and cost-efficient manner on the Maasvlakte, in Port of Rotterdam.

Specifically, GBM Works developed the vibro-drill method, according to which the foundation piles for wind turbines -monopiles- are brought into the seabed by means of vibrating elements at the bottom of the pile.

Unlike pile driving, the force is not brought into the pile from above,...

European Commission to host workshop exploring offshore wind development in Baltic

In a workshop jointly organized by the European Commission and the BEMIP renewable energy working group in Brussels on 15 March, THEMA Consulting Group and its partners will present a study for the European Commission which looks at the potential for offshore wind in the Baltic Sea and the barriers to its development.

The governments of the EU countries bordering the Baltic Sea are currently considering options to support the development of offshore wind in the region through work taking place...

Crocodile Has an Incredible Reaction When Being Reunited With the Man Who Protected Him [VIDEO]


You will not believe it. On Facebook , a young man shared the viral video that shows the precise moment when a gigantic crocodile is back a few centimetres from his former caretaker. The man was reunited with the creature, after separating a year and a half.

This video exploded from ‘ I love ‘ on Facebook to show the reaction that had a huge crocodile that was reunited with the caregiver who protected him as a baby . The reptile behaved like a puppy when he recognised the man who saved him a...

UK and Taiwan sign MoU on offshore wind industry

The British Office and Taiwan International Ports Corporation signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on joint co-operation of Taiwan’s offshore wind development. Under this cooperation, both countries will exchange information in the areas of policy, strategy, technology, operations and maintenance.

Specifically, under the MoU both parties officialized information sharing and cooperation.

In addition, under this partnership the information exchanged will enhance the already close cooperation...

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