Engaged and empowered leadership – Taking the Hire Road

Taking the Hire Road host Jeremy Reymer sat down with Emily Williams, manager of business development for the transportation team at Geotab, to discuss the importance of empowered and outspoken leadership in the transportation and logistics industry. For positive change to take place, both in industry image and in driver health and satisfaction, leaders have to be proactive and unafraid to speak up. 

Williams began her career as a receptionist at Dell but was eventually offered a sales position...


Discover and share your fleet’s authentic story — Taking the Hire Road

In driver recruitment, being real gets real results. But it also requires the right story and presentation.

On a recent episode of Taking the Hire Road, Lane Williams, founder and CEO of Fusion Now, joined Leah Shaver, president and CEO at the National Transportation Institute, to talk about driver recruiting trends. Williams highlighted ways companies are standing out by using authenticity to attract the right drivers.

Kansas City, Missouri, based Fusion Now is a digital marketing and...


Fragmentation of logistics tools leads to higher costs, system bottlenecks

With the sheer volume of logistics software tools on the market today, many shippers and carriers are finding it difficult to integrate and share data between incompatible platforms.

Thomas Kowalski, operations manager at CtrlChain, sat down with FreightWaves’ Timothy Dooner to discuss the inherent costs and problems that come with fragmented logistics platforms.

“The market is so fragmented right now that many companies use multiple tools on a day-to-day basis,” Kowalski said. “I can’t tell you...


Recruiting passive drivers via Seated Social – Taking the Hire Road

Alex Carpenter, president of Seated Social, sat down with Taking the Hire Road host Jeremy Reymer to discuss the ways Seated Social focuses on quality recruitment leads and how that ultimately benefits drivers, recruiters and trucking companies.

Carpenter’s career path was a winding one, beginning with three deployments to Iraq in the U.S. Marine Corps. When he rejoined the civilian workforce, he sought the same kind of camaraderie and purpose that he had in the military.

Eventually, his career...


Energy Solutions – Leveraging capital to reduce utility costs for tenants

As energy prices continue to rise and as more companies and individuals become carbon conscious, Link Logistics has developed a utility management model that will leverage its access to real estate capital to cut energy costs for its tenants. 

Sam Stockdale, senior vice president and head of sustainability at Link Logistics, sat down with Mary O’Connell for the Net-Zero Carbon podcast to explain how Energy Solutions scales decarbonization, as detailed in a new Link Logistics sustainability case...


Harnessing the power of data in recruiting – Taking the Hire Road

On this week’s episode of Taking the Hire Road, Leah Shaver sat down with Nathan J. Widener, chief data officer at Career Now Brands, to discuss the powerful ways data can be used in recruiting.

“Data is everywhere. We all generate a steady stream of data just by going about our daily lives. The challenge is harnessing the right data at the right time and turning it into something useful, or ‘activating the data,’” Widener said. 

How that data is activated is highly situational, however, and...


[Podcast] Plugging In To Ship Engine Retrofits

As the maritime industry strives to achieve ambitious decarbonisation targets against the tightest of regulatory timelines, can switching existing vessels to cleaner fuels buy time?

With thousands of large ships potentially still running on fossil fuels by 2050, retrofitting engines for new fuels could be crucial for shipping’s net-zero trajectory. But how ready is the technology and industry to carry out conversions?

In this podcast, Riviera Maritime Media’s Edwin Lampert is joined by Mark...


Unlocking hidden capacity with Repowr — Taking the Hire Road

On a recent episode of Taking the Hire Road, Jeremy Reymer was joined by Spencer Ware, co-founder and CEO of Repowr, and Patrick Visintainer, co-founder and COO of Repowr, to talk about asset underutilization and it’s impact on the freight industry. The co-founders also shared some of the experiences that led to the creation of their on-demand trailer reservation platform.

It’s not easy starting a company from scratch, and for Visintainer, an important part of handling the challenges is...


Lessons from 4 generations of trucking – Taking the Hire Road

On this week’s episode of Taking the Hire Road, Jeremy Reymer discussed the changes in the transportation industry over the past century with Bill Skinner, president, and Tim Kordula, vice president of risk management of Skinner Transfer Corp.

In 1932, Earl R. Skinner began by delivering his neighbors’ milk to the local creamery in Reedsburg, Wisconsin, by horse team. This led to cattle transportation, flatbed trucks and eventually dry vans. Skinner Transfer later expanded to the Madison and...


[Podcast] Marine Insurance Braces For Decarbonisation Challenges

At a time when Houthi attacks on shipping are highlighting risks facing the industry, another is looming in the background. A recent report by insurance giant Allianz highlighted decarbonisation as a key challenge. Allianz speaks to Allianz Commercial’s Rahul Khanna and Ocean Arena’s Gina Panayiotou.

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