Baltimore shipping channel reopens 11 weeks after Key Bridge collapse

The main ship channel to the Port of Baltimore has been fully cleared of debris and was reopened Monday evening, 11 weeks after a cargo ship lost power and struck the Francis Scott Key Bridge.

The Fort McHenry Channel had been blocked since March 26, when the container ship Dali lost power and crashed into one of the Francis Scott Key Bridge’s support piers, knocking it over and killing six construction workers who were filling potholes on the roadway.

“We’ve cleared the Fort McHenry Federal...

Key Bridge Response Unified Command moves Dali, restores use of Federal Channel

The containership Dali after it struck the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, March 26, 2024

Salvors working with the Key Bridge Response Unified Command in Baltimore refloated and moved the containership Dali on Monday, May 20, at approximately 07:00 local time. With the assistance of five tugs and other support vessels, Dali was towed and pushed 2.5 miles (four kilometres), arriving at a...

VIDEO: Unified Command starts preparations for Dali refloat

Officials of the Key Bridge Unified Command were yesterday continuing to evaluate the Dali in preparation for refloating the vessel and clearing the Fort McHenry Federal Channel to the Port of Baltimore.

Since explosive cuts brought down most of the bridge structure that had been pinning the Dali down, the scene around the vessel looks a lot less chaotic. However, there is still a lot of clearance to be done prior to the Dali refloat.

Unified Command officials have evaluated sonar and lidar...

Maersk reopens Baltimore bookings

Maersk has announced an update on its services to the Port of Baltimore, reopening bookings for direct loading and discharge on the upcoming voyages.

The Danish ocean carrier noted that the following bookings have opened:

AGAS service

  1. Import to BAL – Dubai Express 421n – ETA June 1 (departing Cartagena, CO – May 19; departing Manzanillo, PA – May 20)
  2. Export from BAL – Dubai Express 422S – ETD June 1

AMEX service

  1. Import to BAL – Nele Maersk 417N –ETA June 11 (departing Cape Town, SA – May 23)
  2. Expor...

VIDEO: Precision explosive charges will be used to cut bridge section pinning Dali

explosive charges use explainer

Precision cuts made with small explosive charges will be used to remove a large section of bridge wreckage that is pinning down the bow of the M/V Dali, the vessel whose strike on Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key bridge initiated its collapse

The exact time of the precision cuts will depend on multiple environmental and operational factors.

The small explosive charges, a standard controlled demolition tool, will split the large section of truss at specific locations to create multiple, smaller...

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