142 Lena Gothberg, Host and Producer of the Shipping Podcast – 5 year anniversary

Tada! It’s been going on for 5 years! The Shipping Podcast was a forerunner when started July 31st, 2015 and since then 150 guests have been talking about what’s at the top of their minds and things they are passionate about.

Lena has gone back to listen to what some of the guests replied when asked: “How can the shipping industry become more visible?”

Listen to Jonathan Wichmann, Kate D Adamson, Anna Larsson, Anne H. Steffensen, Patrik Dahlgren and Giovanni Colotto and what they replied to the...


141 Airaj Isaacs, Director, Chartering & Brokerage, Business Development, Cavalier Group, Dubai

In episode 141, Airaj Isaacs, a second-generation maritime professional speaks about the current situation during the pandemic but also about the culture in the maritime industry, how we need to stop working in silos and open up to more people. We need to discuss how to attract young people into the shipping industry but also how to retain talent.

This episode was recorded over Zoom as the pandemic is not allowing any travelling.

What is your view on what Airaj is talking about? Do you agree?...


138 Lena Gothberg, Host and Producer of the Shipping Podcast

We are in a pandemic and need to be persistent and patient, but we also have to start adjusting to the new reality that will emerge when the time of isolation is over, and that is what I wanted to talk to you about today.

I have been through changes earlier in my life, it’s tough and challenging but can be very rewarding once you get through it.

The corona pandemic has meant that the Shipping Podcast also has gone through some changes (just like the rest of the world); new equipment, new ways of...


131 Lena Gothberg, Host and Producer of the Shipping Podcast

It’s changing the format – it’s a solo episode by Lena Gothberg about being a podcast producer in the maritime industry.

I speak about why I started the Shipping Podcast almost 5 years ago and what I have learned during the journey. It’s so important that we as an industry take it seriously how we can compete about the best talent out there and the only way forward is a joint project aiming at raising the profile of the maritime industry. We need to hang out where the #nextgen are and we cannot...


Fran Collins, CEO, Red Funnel

Happy New Year 2020!

We are kicking off the new decade with Fran Collins, Chief Executive Officer, Red Funnel. Fran has a dual license and has trained to become both a Master Mariner and a Chief Engineer, however, the life on the Bridge seems to interest her more.

What Fran is sharing with us is music to my ears. We speak about what impact connectivity has had on life onboard, how people now know what they are missing at home and how that can be a double sword. Fran brings up the culture change...


Nicola Good, Head of Brand and External Relations, Marine & Offshore, Lloyd’s Register

Nicola Good, a maritime communicator, used to work as a maritime journalist for some 20 years but have now swopped to be the Head of Brand and External Relations at Lloyd’s Register Marine & Offshore department. What is the difference?

How do we become more visible to the general public, how many times have you heard me put that question to my guest? A hundred? Well, Nicola is actually able to give some good advice and she is also coming up with some explanations on why we are stuck where...


Karine Langlois, Communications Officer for @IMOHQ the UN agency for Maritime Affairs

In this the 3/4 episodes with people employed by the International Maritime Organisation, IMO, you meet Karine Langlois,  Communications Officer for @IMOHQ the UN agency for Maritime Affairs, who speaks about target groups, message to the public about the maritime industry and raising the profile of our industry.

Karine is from Canada but is working for IMO in London, she is the producer and the video photographer for the videos coming out from the IMO. Please have a look at Turning the tide –...


Cecilia Österman, CEO & Researcher at Comfortably Safe AB and Senior Lecturer, Kalmar Maritime Academy, Linneus University

Welcome to the 109th episode of the Shipping Podcast and the 50th female interviewee! Cecilia Österman is the Chief Engineer that wen ashore and decided to become a researcher. Cecilia doesn’t fall in the usual perception of a researcher, she makes her findings easy to digest and is willing to stand up and speak about what she finds.

Cecilia has now received funds from AFA försäkring (insurance company) to research the #metoo movement in the shipping community. She will look into how other...