OFAC sanctions a third tanker captain in new move against Houthi enablers

Earlier this month, the U.S. Treasury designated the captains of two Houthi-linked tankers, both Indian nationals, in its moves against the Houthis. Now, Vyacheslav Salyga, a 53-year old Ukrainian national, has become the third tanker captain to be designated by OFAC sanctions targeting Houthi weapons procurement and funding networks.

Yesterday, OFAC (Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control) designated two individuals and five entities that have facilitated weapons procurement for...


Ambrey: Latest Houthi attacks show a “significant increase in effectiveness”

This week has seen a spate of new Houthi attacks — and, in a just released threat circular, maritime risk consultancy Ambrey says that they are showing a significant increase In effective. In the week prior to the release of the Ambrey circular, the Houthi claimed six operations against merchant shipping. Four of those targeting attempts resulted in physical damage.


The crew of the vessel has been evacuated by military authorities. The vessel has...


U.S. sanctions captains of two Houthi-linked tankers

The captains of two Houthi-linked tankers, Vivek Ashok Pandey and Sandeep Singh Choudhary, both Indian nationals are among ten individuals, vessels and entities sanctioned by the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) in its latest moves against the network of Houthi financial facilitator Sa’id al-Jamal. All are said to have engaged in the illicit transport of oil and other commodities.

The action targets maritime shipping and financial facilitators, the two...


Cargo Integrity Group Highlights Supply Chain Safety Compromising Cargoes

The industry bodies of the Cargo Integrity Group continue in their mission to improve safety in the global supply chain. The Group has identified several cargoes, commonly carried in containers, that under certain conditions can cause dangerous incidents. They urge everyone handling these goods to follow all applicable regulations, the CTU Code, and industry best practices.

Increased Awareness

In addition to promoting sound packing and shipping practices, the Cargo Integrity Group aims to...


Houthi missiles strike two more merchant ships



1600UTC 08 Jun 2024 to 1600UTC 09 Jun 2024https://t.co/lBGHDouhEr#MaritimeSecurity #MarSec pic.twitter.com/RYmtBBdgQt

— United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) (@UK_MTO) June 9, 2024

U.K. Maritime Trade Operations and U.S. Central Command report that Houthi missiles struck two ships, June 8. In one attack, says CENTCOM, one of two anti-ship ballistic missiles (ASBMs), launched from Houthi controlled areas of Yemen into the Gulf of Aden struck M/V MSC Tavvishi, a...


Bulker survives multiple missile strikes as Houthi attacks mount

Shipowners and charterers who are averse to taking calculated risks with their ships, cargo and crew may have to divert even further to avoid Houthi attacks. Yesterday came news that a Greek-owned bulker, the Laax, had survived being struck by three Houthi missiles in the Red Sea while the U.S.-flagged Maersk Hartford was one of two vessels targeted in the Arabian Sea.

U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM), reports that, between 12:05 p.m. and 1:40 p.m. (Sanaa time) May 28, Iranian-backed Houthis...


Allianz: Shipping losses are down, but don’t get too comfortable about that

Allianz report graphic

While losses of large vessels last year reached a record low, marine insurer Allianz Commercial says that the industry will have its work cut out to maintain this status quo in future. Thirty years ago, says Allianz, which has just released its Safety and Shipping Review 2024, the global shipping fleet lost around 200 large vessels a year. This total fell to a record low of 26 in 2023, a decline of more than one third year-on-year and by 70% over the past decade. However, what could change the...


NTSB: Propeller blade flaw led to containership Maunalei losing propulsion

Maunalei propeller crack

The National Transportation Safety Board has issued its report on an August 2022 incident in which the 681 foot, 1,992 TEU Matson Navigation containership Maunalei incurred $3 million in damages after a propeller blade cracked, leading to a loss of hydraulic oil and propulsion while transiting the Pacific Ocean.

The NTSB investigation found that a blade on the vessel’s controllable pitch propeller system did not meet manufacturer design specifications.

The Maunalei was traveling to Portland,...


VIDEO: Dali refloated and relocated

How they planned to get Dali refloated and relocated

The Key Bridge Response Unified Command reports that salvors refloated and moved the M/V Dali at approximately 7 a.m., this morning. Video streamed by local media showed the Dali refloated, under tow and then alongside at the Port of Baltimore’s Dundalk Marine terminal, still with a portion of highway across its bow.

The whole operation appears to have gone completely according to a plan details of which were released Saturday.

That plan said that optimum conditions called for the transit of the...


VIDEO: Unified Command starts preparations for Dali refloat

Officials of the Key Bridge Unified Command were yesterday continuing to evaluate the Dali in preparation for refloating the vessel and clearing the Fort McHenry Federal Channel to the Port of Baltimore.

Since explosive cuts brought down most of the bridge structure that had been pinning the Dali down, the scene around the vessel looks a lot less chaotic. However, there is still a lot of clearance to be done prior to the Dali refloat.

Unified Command officials have evaluated sonar and lidar...


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