2023 IMO Biofouling Guidelines Published

Credit: Evangelos-mpikakis-5i2F7avw8DI-Unsplash

At its 80th session, the IMO’s Marine Environmental Protection Committee adopted revised guidelines for the control and management of ships’ biofouling to minimize the transfer of invasive aquatic species. The update to the 2011 Guidelines was undertaken to improve uptake and enforcement and to reduce the threat posed by invasive aquatic species to the well-being of the ocean, reports BIMCO.

A focus on inspections 

As well as addressing the threat...


224 Ronald Spithout, Managing Director of OneHealth by VIKAND

Remote health care

How can digital health solutions contribute to good health and wellness at sea? In this episode, I discuss that with the Managing Director of OneHealth by VIKAND, Ronald Spithout.

Ronald held several positions in the maritime industry. Before retiring in November 2021, he was the President of Inmarsat Maritime, so connectivity is close to his heart. Combining Ronald’s passion for connectivity and the well-being of seafarers has led him to take on a new role as MD of Onehealth.


Maritime software provider Sea partners with Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping

Sea, maritime software provider, and Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping (the Center) formalised their collaboration by signing a Knowledge Partnership Agreement.

Through this agreement, Sea and the Center become official partners, committing to a long-term strategic collaboration and contribution in order to accelerate the decarbonisation of the maritime industry.

As the Center’s knowledge partner, Sea will be providing access to its pre-trade intelligence and analytics tool...


Wreck Of MV Blythe Star Located after 50 Years

Credits: Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary/AP
  • On 12 October 1973, coastal freighter MV Blythe Star departed Hobart and subsequently disappeared. This triggered the largest maritime search ever conducted in Australia to that time.
  • Although all 10 crew escaped the sinking vessel on a life raft, three tragically died before the crew could be rescued nearly two weeks later.
  • We have confirmed the location of the wreck of the MV Blythe Star nearly 50 years after the vessel disappeared at sea.



Is Blue The New Green? Developing A Climate-Resilient Blue Economy

Credit: christian-lue-unsplash

The World Bank defines the blue economy as “the sustainable use of maritime resources for economic growth, jobs, and improved livelihoods while preserving the marine ecosystem’s health.” The aim is to strike a balance between conservation and resource extraction when developing marine-based economies. The blue economy can offer huge potential in the area of climate change mitigation and resilience, given the fact that marine habitats, such as mangroves, tidal...


The ONE Sea Association And The ESA Have Inked An MOI

Credit: venti-views-unsplash

One Sea and ESA have decided to establish a strategic collaboration to promote the development of new space-enabled services which will support the maritime sector’s transition towards autonomous shipping. Autonomous shipping offers new opportunities to deploy safe, commercially viable, and environmentally sustainable maritime operations, says an article published on their website.


Satellite communications and satellite navigation play a key role in the...


Cause For Accidents In Enclosed Spaces on Ships Revealed!

Credit: Roman Ska/Pexels
  • Studies show the cause for accidents in enclosed spaces on ships is not following the established procedures.
  • The procedures such as due to insufficient knowledge of, or disregard for, the need to take safety precautions.
  • Gard recommends that all seafarers are given proper on-board training to help them recognise and prevent susch accidents.

Analyses of accidents in enclosed spaces onboard ships show that the underlying cause is often failure to follow established...


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