Shipping Industry Unites To Launch Code Of Conduct To Protect Seafarers’ Rights & Welfare

“Just a typical day in West Africa” by Richard Arguelles from ITF Seafarers’ Trust’s Still At Sea Photography Competition, 2020

Today sees the launch of a landmark Code of Conduct and self-assessment tool developed to protect the human rights and welfare of the world’s nearly two million seafarers. The initiative aims to support a safe, healthy and secure onboard work environment, and goes beyond the ILO Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) to focus on the full spectrum of seafarers’ rights and wellbeing, from fair terms of employment and minimum crewing levels to the management of grievance mechanisms. The documents can be...

Maersk suspends five officers as American cadet rape investigation intensifies

Maersk is taking action as a rape case involving a cadet from US Merchant Marine Academy serving her year at sea has attracted media attention around the globe. Splash reported on Friday how US authorities are investigating allegations of the rape of a then 19-year-old member of the class of 2022...

Seafarers Desperately Need Prompt Access To Medical Care Say ILO And IMO


The heads of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the International Maritime Organization (IMO) have issued a joint statement calling for port and coastal States to allow seafarers to receive medical care.

Describing the issue as a ‘matter of life or death’, the joint statement also urges nations to prioritize seafarers for COVID-19 vaccinations and to designate seafarers as key workers, recognizing seafarers’ valuable contribution to world trade.

The joint statement by ILO...

Cadets are missing out on sea time due to pandemic travel restrictions

Cadets are missing out on sea time due to pandemic travel restrictions

Restrictions on crew change and repatriations are impacting cadets at a time when the shipping industry desperately needs to recruit more young people.

Crew travel problems can have a knock-on effect on cadet training by preventing a cadet from reaching their ship placement to gain vital experience at sea or delaying them from returning to continue the next phase of their maritime studies.

During a webinar on Seafarers’...

US Merchant Marine Academy faces tough questions as multiple rape allegations emerge

US authorities are investigating allegations of the rape of a then 19-year-old member of the class of 2022 at the US Merchant Marine Academy while serving her year at sea onboard a Maersk vessel. The alleged victim wrote extensively about the incident in a post carried by Maritime Legal Aid &...

Australia’s Port Welfare Committees Stimulate Discussion Around Evolving Needs Of Seafarers


A vision to reinvigorate Australia’s network of Port Welfare Committees is stimulating discussion surrounding the evolving needs of seafarers, and how maritime welfare organisations can maximise their support. Australia’s PWCs exist to identify the needs of seafarers, advocate for welfare agencies, and liaise with the Australian Seafarers’ Welfare Council (ASWC) on standards for the provision of services.

The initiative is helmed by HRAS Advisory Board member Paul MacGillivary, who recently...

Seafarers On Board Liberian-Flagged Vessel Detained In France Over Cocaine Seizure

Cargo ship

Among other crew members, two Russians have been detained on a Liberian-flagged ship in France. Per information available to the embassy, the vessel that was detained at the port of Dunkirk on 1 October was sailing with a Liberian flag. The French agencies in charge confirmed that the detained crew had nationals from various countries, including two Russians.

Diplomat Alexander Makogonov highlighted that the embassy is in constant communication with the Seafarers’ Union of Russia, the French...

Philippines Losing Global Seafarer Market Share; Govt. Asked To Address Travel Restrictions

filipino seafarer

The government must address the bottlenecks that are prohibiting Filipino seafarers from going back to ships as firms shift to other nationalities with workers who are relatively easier to onboard, a well-known industry group reportedly said on Wednesday.

Filipinos are more difficult to onboard in the middle of an ongoing pandemic owing to restrictions like high airfares from and to the Philippines.

Tore Henriksen, Chairman – Joint Maritime Committee (JMC) and the German-Philippine Chamber of...

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