Unprecedented Influx Of Supertankers Signals Booming US Oil Exports

The reported increase in the number of supertankers heading to the US to collect oil reveals several key dynamics within the global oil market, says an article published on yahoo website.

Record Number Of Supertankers 

According to Bloomberg’s data, there’s a surge in the number of supertankers bound for the US within the next three months. This is notably the highest recorded influx in at least six years.

Changing Energy Landscape

The increased flow of vessels reflects the evolving dynamics in the...


Maritime History Notes: Daniel K. Ludwig — father of the supertanker

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While Malcom McLean, founder of Sea-Land, is regarded as the father of the container ship, Daniel Keith Ludwig is recognized as the father of the supertanker.

Ludwig was born on June 24, 1897, in South Haven, Michigan, to a family involved in Great Lakes shipping. He quit school in the eighth grade and split his time between Michigan and Port Arthur, Texas, living with his...


Supply Cuts Hit Oil Tanker Market Badly

  • Saudi Arabia’s oil production cuts have hit the tanker market so hard that owners of the biggest vessels effectively subsidize cargo deliveries on the industry’s main trade route.
  • Supertankers delivering 2-million-barrel shipments of the kingdom’s oil to China are losing $736 a day for the privilege.
  • While owners might, in practice, be able to mitigate such losses by ordering captains to sail the vessels slower.
  • The reality is that some ships are losing money on Middle East-to-Asia deliveries.


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