Lithium battery maker airlifts assembly line to leapfrog port congestion

Large crates covered with blue tarps lined up in front of a nose-loading air cargo jet on a clear blue day.

In early August, Enovix Corp. completed the installation of specialized equipment for a sophisticated production line in Fremont, California, and is gearing up to begin commercial production of batteries for mobile electronic devices in early 2022.

The ocean congestion griping U.S West Coast ports this year could have derailed those efforts.

For a manufacturer of advanced lithium ion batteries building its first factory on a tight schedule, the prospect of waiting weeks for an automated assembly...

FedEx, Salesforce announce end-to-end e-commerce solution

FedEx and Salesforce are joining forces to provide an end-to-end e-commerce and supply chain solution

FedEx is shaking up the e-commerce space. The nationwide carrier on Tuesday announced a partnership with e-commerce software titan Salesforce to provide an end-to-end e-commerce and supply chain management solution. Shares of both companies are down following the news.

The new offering, which the companies expect will become available to consumers in the spring of 2022, integrates Salesforce (​​NYSE: CRM) Commerce Cloud and Salesforce Order Management with supply chain capabilities from FedEx (NY...

Do you want to help companies adapt to climate change? Go into supply chain technology.

Supply chains work best when they have predictability. One of the biggest risks caused by climate change is how unpredictable everything becomes. Sourcing, infrastructure and transportation will all require more agility and redundancy in the future.

Supply chain technology firms are building solutions to help companies adapt to the black swan events that seem to be occurring more often. For students looking for a career, founders looking to start their next company, or investors looking for a...

Why you should do your winter holiday shopping today

Supply chain backups mean you should do your Christmas, Hanukkah and other holiday shopping now

Murphy’s law states that if something can go wrong, it will. Murphy never informed us that everything would go wrong all at once. Even the biggest pessimist couldn’t have predicted the scale of the supply chain issues that plague us today, but that doesn’t change the reality. The supply chain didn’t just fracture a pinky finger — it broke every bone in its body, and retailers are now scrambling to prepare their inventories for the busy winter holiday season. 

For consumers, that means the...

Bed Bath & Beyond’s rethinking of supply chain driving digital gains

Two years ago, Bed Bath & Beyond was behind the times. Prior to the pandemic, the company focused almost exclusively on in-store sales.

“The pandemic taught all of us hard lessons,” COO John Hartmann said during his opening keynote address on Wednesday at the Home Delivery World 2021 conference in Philadelphia. “For Bed Bath & Beyond, that was [we were] behind the curve.”

Executive leadership at the company has turned over, including Hartmann himself, and a new focus on technology, innovation and...

Leading UK supply chain and logistics specialist appoints new Senior Consultant

Leading UK supply chain and logistics specialist appoints new Senior Consultant

Holly Hadfield

SCALA, a leading international consultancy providing independent expertise in supply chain and logistics, has appointed Holly Hadfield as its new Senior Logistics Consultant.

Holly joins us as a Senior Logistics Consultant and will also head up our supply strategy modelling in what is a brand new role created to strengthen SCALA’s core team and support the volume of supply chain strategy projects the...

Productivity Commission shows fatal flaws of the awful ‘national fleet’ concept

Pictured: Parliament House in Canberra. Do we really want the Federal Government running any part of the shipping industry? Photo credit: “Social Estate” via Unsplash.

In the recent “Vulnerable Supply Chains” report (something of a misnomer as the key finding was that supply chains are not, in fact, vulnerable), the Productivity Commission has pointed out the extreme costs of a “national fleet”.

Although most of the inquiry looked into the vulnerability (or, rather, the lack thereof) of goods in...

Verte partners with Manifest on sustainable supply chain solution

Verte and Manifest partnership bringing sustainability to the supply chain

It’s not often that consumers are willing to pay more for the same service. But that’s exactly what we’re seeing when it comes to shipping — more than half of 500 survey respondents say that they would pay 10% more for packaging and shipping practices that are more eco-friendly. Even amid pandemic-induced capacity constraints and increased demand, supply chain professionals are not shying away from sustainability in logistics.

Supply chain platform Verte wants to help with those efforts. The...

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