Bolt Failure Leads to Fire in Engine Room On Board Merchant Vessel in Transit

What Happened

During routine rounds, a fuel oil leak was observed in one of the main engine unit fuel distributors. A failed attempt was made to arrest the leak by tightening the bolt, following which a pipe was used to provide more torque to tighten a bolt on the distributor. The leak was arrested and the engine room unmanned.

However, after about half an hour, there was fire alarm in the engine room and low pressure on Main Engine cylinder unit no.2. On attending the alarm, the engineers...

Steering The Industry Towards Proactive Maintenance Of Ships’ Hulls

Shipping’s ambitions to reduce emissions have triggered efforts to operate using as little fuel as possible. In the same way that options for optimized sailings, weather routing, and energy-saving technologies (ETSs) are being considered, so too has the humble hull come into focus. 

Vessel Performance 

Never before has vessel performance been more important than today, as new regional legislation in the form of the EU ETS (Emissions Trading Scheme) and international regulations such as the IMO...

Working Of A Marine Steam Turbine Onboard A Merchant Ship

Most would want to know why is steam still being used as a means of propulsion at this day and age. It is only because of the nature of the cargo carried on board LNG carriers i.e Liquefied Natural Gas – Methane, reports Team bhp.

Marine Steam turbines are the primary means of propulsion on board LNG carriers though they are rapidly going obsolete with the advent of gas burning diesel engines. Most LNG carriers built pre 2015 were with steam propulsion. The generators on board are also steam...

228 John Cooper, CEO of BAR Technologies

Spearheading wind-assisted propulsion

WindWings project is a commitment to leading the way towards a zero-carbon future while enhancing vessel efficiency. BAR Technologies believes there is more to be done to harness wind power and push shipping into a greener and more efficient era for the shipping industry.

We cannot wait for future newbuildings to help us meet new regulations and CO2 reductions. There is also a need to refit the existing fleet. The WindWings installation is part of Berge...

Harnessing Flapping Foil Technology

Credits: André François McKenzie/unsplash

A comprehensive review of flapping foils for Wave Devouring Propulsion (WDP) is presented. The flapping foil can effectively utilize wave energy and generate thrust, says an article published on science direct website.

Introduction To Wave Devouring Propulsion (WDP)

Utilizing the kinetic energy of ocean waves, flapping foils present a green and fuel-free propulsion method. This technology, known as Wave Devouring Propulsion (WDP), employs submerged...

226 International Antifouling Conference 2023

Hull performance

Shipowners and ship managers are seeking solutions to manage hull performance more effectively. Why is that? It’s because they want to make their fleet more sustainable, and they also want to save money. Les effective hull performance > more fuel and more emissions. 
Listen to

  • Jennifer Arden, Marketing, Brand & Relations Manager at i-tech and organiser of the International Antifouling Conference in Gothenburg 2023.
  • José Gonzalez, Energy Conservation Manager, Stolt Tankers 
  • Martin...

Unsafe Flooring Led to Man Overboard Fatality

A fatality occurred in January 2023, on an offshore worksite, whereby a worker fell overboard because of a dislodged section of polymer grating, commonly used in the offshore industry. The incident did not occur on an IMCA members’ facility. 

What happened

On a jackup rig in transit, a crew member was reported missing, believed to have gone overboard. The missing crew member finished their shift at 18:00 and was last seen just after 19:00. During the investigation it was identified that a section...

224 Ronald Spithout, Managing Director of OneHealth by VIKAND

Remote health care

How can digital health solutions contribute to good health and wellness at sea? In this episode, I discuss that with the Managing Director of OneHealth by VIKAND, Ronald Spithout.

Ronald held several positions in the maritime industry. Before retiring in November 2021, he was the President of Inmarsat Maritime, so connectivity is close to his heart. Combining Ronald’s passion for connectivity and the well-being of seafarers has led him to take on a new role as MD of Onehealth.

222 Philip Chaabane – CEO i-tech

Revisiting a Swedish maritime startup, now noted on NASDAQ

Antifouling coatings are necessary to protect a ship’s hull from attaching marine organisms. Ship owners need marine coating solutions that deliver fouling prevention for vessels with differing activity levels, shipping routes and construction. 

Selektope® is a unique biocide that, through biotechnology, creates the possibility of more sustainable and efficient marine paint systems.
When attached to a ship’s hull, barnacles harm the...

Guidance on Validity of Radio Communication Equipment on Ships

Credits: Maria Lupan/Unsplash

The ITU World Radio Communication Conferences in 2012, 2015 and 2019 made extensive changes to appendix 18 of the Radio Regulation (RR). While these changes do not affect the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS), they do affect the use of other frequencies used for VHF meteorological, navigational and urgent Marine information broadcasts, port operations and Vessel Traffic Service (VTS), reports Witherbys.

According to the Performance standards for...

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