DNV GL & Bluewater Pilot Test Hybrid Digital Twin for FPSOs

  • Classification society DNV GL and FPSO specialist Bluewater have teamed up on a pilot project to use hybrid digital twin technology to predict and analyse fatigue on an FPSO hull.
  • The project would quantify the benefits of creating a virtual replica of the FPSO to optimize the structural safety of the vessel and enhance risk-based inspection (RBI).
  • The technology enables the monitoring of the asset’s hull structure during operation without dependence on costly routine inspection regimes.
  • Termed...


ABB To Equip Its ‘Electric Package’ for New Knutsen Tankers

  • DSME has inked a deal with ABB Marine & Ports to deliver the power and control technology for the two new KNOT shuttle tankers.
  • The tankers will also feature energy storage systems at the request of Vår Energi that has contracted KNOT to operate the shuttle tankers.
  • The ABB twin battery package on board each Knutsen ship will have a storage capacity of 678kWh.
  • ABB’s scope of supply will also include the shaft generator system, thruster and cargo pump drive systems, and take care of project...


Bering 145 Hull Turning Milestone & Construction Update

Bering 145 Hull Turning Milestone & Construction Update

Bering 145 Milestone Reached

The hull of Bering Yachts’ flagship 145 superyacht has been turned at the Bering Yachts facility in Antalya, Turkey.

The Bering 145 is a fully-customised yacht designed by an in-house team of naval architects, engineers and designers. With a full displacement steel hull of 514 tons and with fuel capacity of 95,600 lts, the Bering 145 will cruise for approximately 8,000 miles at her cruising speed of 10 knots...


Oslo Børs: Elliptic Laboratories admitted to trading

Oslo Børs: Elliptic Laboratories admitted to trading

Oslo, 16 October 2020 – The smart sensor company Elliptic Labs has today been admitted to trading on Merkur Market (ticker code: ELABS-ME).

Elliptic Labs creates software-only sensors that are sustainable, eco-friendly, and already deployed in over 100 million devices.

Recently, the company raised NOK 125 million through a private placement. The placement attracted very strong interest from Norwegian and international investors, and...


Rotterdam Lays Out ‘Ambitious Goal’ for Shore-Based Power By 2030

  • Rotterdam port is aiming to see a significant share of sea-going vessels plug in to shore-based power by 2030.
  • Rotterdam Municipality and the Port of Rotterdam Authority will initiate a series of projects to accelerate and scale up the adoption of shore-based power, or cold ironing systems.
  • The shore-based strategy includes an objective for 90% of all public quays in built-up areas to be fitted with cold-ironing systems.
  • This programme is expected to require a total investment of some EUR125m...


Insist for Actual Flash Point Values from Supplier, Alerts Viswa Lab

Viswa Group in it’s recent technical update, alerts about identifying 4 fuels with low flashpoint (57, 57, 57 and 59 degC) from the Turkish ports. 

Fuels with low flashpoint

Over the last three weeks, Viswa Lab has identified 4 fuels with low flashpoint (57, 57, 57 and 59 degC)  from the Turkish ports of Ahirkapi, Aliaga and Istanbul. 

All 4 supplies were Low Sulfur distillate fuels (LSMGO). The off-spec fuels were supplied by 2 suppliers. 

Outside SOLAS requirements

This fuel falls outside the...


Dropping BDI – now at 1,637, shakes the Markets amid the despicable Global Geopolitical environment, and Coronavirus locks downs looming with unpredictable effects

John Faraclas

Dropping BDI – now at 1,637, shakes the Markets amid the despicable Global Geopolitical environment, and Coronavirus locks downs looming with unpredictable effects

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) lost 95 points  since yesterday and now stands at 1,637 points, thanks to yet another triple-digit fall of the Capes’ BCI. It seems that Peace had its day and Armageddon will replace the Democratic, Just and Humane Values all over Planet Ocean… Advancing Coronavirus signals Mayday for all. John...


GPA’s Intermodal Terminal Appalachian Regional Port Hits Growth with Navis N4

GPA’s Intermodal Terminal Appalachian Regional Port Hits Growth with Navis N4

Port continues decades old partnership with Navis to expand inland terminal operations supporting economic growth in the region

Oakland, CA — October 14, 2020 — Navis a part of Cargotec Corporation and provider of operational technologies and services that unlock greater performance and efficiency for the world’s leading organizations across the shipping supply chain, today announced that GPA’s Appalachian Regional Port ...


Transitioning To An Efficient Shipping Sector With Gas Turbines

  • Greater use of LNG, ease of maintenance and fuel flexibility all favour the use of gas turbines in the merchant shipping sector.
  • Gas turbines offer several advantages over reciprocating engines, including higher power density, lower emissions and ease of maintenance.
  • Gas turbines can be competitive with reciprocating engines in terms of efficiency.

Are gas turbines, a viable alternative to piston engines, reviews an article in Riviera Maritime Media.

Gas turbines in place of piston engines



[Watch] Drone Ships Point To A Greener Maritime Future

  • Drone technology is being used within the shipping industry, in an effort to make sea travel safer, less expensive and more environmentally friendly.
  • These unmanned surface vessels (USV) could soon change how we understand seas, in a similar way to aerial drones.
  • USVs can use a fraction of the fuel of some crewed vessels because there is no need for a bulky crew accommodation structure onboard.

Drone ships, more commonly known as unmanned surface vessels (USV) could soon change how we...