Second chance success with Emerge Career – Taking the Hire Road

Uzoma “Zo” Orchingwa, co-founder of Emerge Career, sat down with Taking the Hire Road host Jeremy Reymer to discuss justice and social change in the context of hiring and career development.

Having spent most of his formative years in Nigeria, Orchingwa was always intrigued and concerned by the disparity in living conditions between places like Nigeria and what he saw in American television and movies. “Understanding social ills and why things are the way they are formed a through line that...

FreightTech Friday: Harbor Lab modernizing accounting for vessel operators

Athens, Greece-based Harbor Lab has raised $16 million to continue working toward streamlining vessel accounting practices with AI technology.

Atomico led the Series A with participation from existing investors Notion Capital, Venture Friends, Speed Invest and The Dock. New investors included Endeavor Catalyst and TMV.

“Harbor Lab’s platform gives peace of mind to shipping companies by enabling them to run critical parts of their operations in a more seamless, transparent and efficient way. It is...

GoodShip raises $8M to ramp up procurement platform features

Procurement platform GoodShip announced on Thursday that it has closed an $8 million Series A funding round. Bessemer Venture Partners led the round, with participation from existing investors Ironspring Ventures, Chicago Ventures, Fuse VC and Cercano Management. New investors include 53 Stations as well as angel investors Nichole Wischoff and Andrew Silver.

Since its founding in 2022, the platform has raised $15.4 million. It aims to provide shippers with transparency into their freight data...

Aligning supply chain planning and logistics creates major opportunities

By Bart De Muynck

The views expressed here are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of FreightWaves or its affiliates.

The traditional supply chain has long been viewed as just that: a series of interconnected links working together to deliver products to customers. But what happens when those links are weak or disconnected? Just like a broken bicycle chain, the entire system grinds to a halt. In today’s fast-paced, globalized world, this is a risk many businesses...

Google executive says supply chain uses of generative AI flourishing

SAN ANTONIO — The Momentum conference brings together roughly 1,000 attendees who use the industry-leading warehouse, TMS and other capabilities of Wall Street darling Manhattan Associates (NASDAQ: MANH). (The company’s stock rose from about $110 at the end of October 2023 to as high of $266.94 in early March before falling back to $225 recently.) 

But among the discussions of new product offerings at this year’s conference, it was a presentation by an outside executive that filled the main...

Latest Uber Freight launch combines marketplace and managed services networks

ARLINGTON, Texas — Managed transportation and freight technology provider Uber Freight on Wednesday launched a spot market solution under its premier offering Uber Freight Exchange.

Uber Freight Exchange was initially released in September as a contract procurement platform enabling shippers to run bids with both their own and Uber Freight’s carrier network. At the time, the product brought Uber Freight’s technology to the contract market while providing messaging tools, bid functions and...

VIDEO: New SodaFlexx dry exhaust gas treatment system avoids scrubber wash water headaches

SodaFlexx systen

With growing pressures for bans on the discharge of wash water from ships’ exhaust gas scrubbers, Netherlands-based SodaFlexx International has launched analternate means of exhaust gas desulfurization that, it says, is not a scrubber. Instead of using water, its N-Flexx system neutralizes sulfur by injecting an absorbent into the vessel’s exhaust gases.

“We anticipated the scrubber wastewater ban. Our new technology helps vessel operators adapt to this new political reality,” says Sander...

Navigating Autonomous Shipping: Legal And Regulatory Challenges

Navigating Autonomous Shipping

Autonomous ships could transform the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of shipping, but there are still plenty of liability, legal, and regulatory questions to answer. The notion of uncrewed ships may appear revolutionary or even far-fetched, but it is already here. Bulk carrier Pyxis Ocean set sail in 2023 fitted with Windwing sails which are set and trimmed automatically rather than by the crew.

Current Developments

Yara Birkland, an electric-autonomous...

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