FreightTech Friday: Gartner critiques real-time-visibility market players

Technology research and consulting firm Gartner recently released its Real Time Transportation Visibility Platform (RTTVP) report, highlighting the space’s top performers while suggesting areas for improvement.

The company describes RTTVPs as platforms engineered to offer real-time tracking and status updates on orders after they leave the warehouse, using integration with carrier systems or telematics for data gathering. The report assesses various levels of complexity in RTTVP implementation,...

FMCSA checklist: A freight broker’s guide to spotting fraud

As a freight broker, you are on the front lines of ensuring safe, efficient and compliant transportation of goods. One critical aspect of your role involves conducting thorough Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration checks. However, this process has risks, especially with the increase in fraud across the industry.

Essential checklist for spotting fraudInactive/revoked authority

Is the carrier operating with revoked authority? Big red flag for illegal activities. As a freight broker, you must...

Essential fraud prevention strategies for freight brokers, carriers

Cargo fraud has been on a steep upward trajectory since mid-2022. Almost 700 theft incidents were reported across the U.S. during the third quarter of 2023. This number represents a 59% increase over the same quarter last year, according to CargoNet.

Types of cargo fraud

All types of cargo fraud are on the rise. Experts believe this is due, in large part, to a combination of tough economic conditions and overall supply chain vulnerabilities. Brokers, specifically, should be especially aware of...

Brokers should use technology to stand out this RFP season

The current freight recession has created a market characterized by an overabundance of capacity and a stubborn lack of demand. While the market remains depressed, industry experts have noticed signs of an impending rebound in the mid-term future.

“The national Outbound Tender Reject Index (OTRI) topped 4% [in August] for the first time since early January, when it was recovering from the holiday period,” FreightWaves market expert Zach Strickland reported in late August. “While 4% is still...

Is there relief in sight for trucking companies?

Earlier this month, less-than-truckload giant Yellow filed for bankruptcy, leading to over 30,000 lost jobs and an intense bidding war over the defunct company’s terminals. It also led to a sudden LTL capacity nosedive. 

The market is still depressed, but recent layoffs and closures have fueled enough uncertainty to make some players wonder about changing market tides.

“The LTL industry is unique right now. Rates are increasing and yet carriers are laying off, or in Yellow’s case, closing their...

Waterfall tracking takes automation to new heights

Visibility is often heralded as the most important aspect of today’s supply chain, and automated solutions dominate today’s market. Most of the real-time tracking tools on the market provide automation updates in optimal conditions. When things go wrong, however, these products tend to require human intervention to get back on track. 

Trucker Tools’ new approach – waterfall tracking – is designed to solve that problem.

“Waterfall tracking” means that a visibility provider, like Trucker Tools,...

Small carriers, owner operators remain lifeblood of transportation during market downturn

Small carriers and owner operators make up the large majority of the nation’s carrier base. Very small carriers – fleets with one to six tractors – account for 86% of total U.S. carriers, according to recent FMCSA data. Small carriers – those with 7 to 19 tractors – make up another 9%. All together, these fleets provide over 30% of the industry’s available power units.

Despite their prevalence in the market, these players tend to be the most affected during market downturns. Smaller teams means...

ELD tracking changes the game for real-time visibility

Not all that long ago, real-time, end-to-end visibility was considered a perk. Shippers could only expect this type of tracking on a small number of loads, depending on the size and technical skill of their broker and carrier partners. Over the past few years, however, on-demand visibility has shifted to a consistent expectation.

Brokers and carriers of all shapes and sizes are able to offer top-notch visibility to shippers thanks to the widespread technological advancement that followed the ELD...

Trucker Tools’ loyalty program rewards drivers, not carriers

Carrier rewards programs have become popular in recent years. 

These programs are typically intended to foster goodwill between shippers or brokers and their transportation partners, especially during times of market volatility and general unpredictability. While these programs often reward carriers, they do not typically benefit individual drivers.

Trucker Tools has set out to change that.

“We have talked to hundreds of brokers over the years who are looking for a scalable, reliable digital way...

Technology proves important to relationship management

A white tractor pulling a white trailer on the highway

As spot rates decline and capacity loosens, many carriers are searching for ways to optimize their operations in order to weather a market downturn. Additionally, shippers are working to take advantage of these changes.

The answer for both shippers and carriers may lie in technology.

The technological needs of companies across the supply chain are changing, but that does not mean their current tools are useless. Existing solutions aimed at optimizing freight movements may shift from...

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