Produce spot rates break $10K per load in November

Chart of the Week:  USDA Produce Truckload Spot Rate – San Francisco to Philadelphia, Fresno to Atlanta, San Francisco to Atlanta SONAR: AGRATE.SFOPHL, AGRATE.FATATL, AGRATE.SFOATL

According to the USDA, spot rates for truckloads hauling produce are hitting their highest marks of the year, with rates exceeding $10,000  in certain lanes across the U.S. Almost anyone who has been involved in domestic transportation over the past few years knows about the infamous “produce” season that typically...

Reefer capacity tapped out prior to vaccine release

Chart of the Week:  Reefer Outbound Tender Rejection Index, Van Outbound Tender Rejection Index – USA SONAR: ROTRI.USA, VOTRI.USA

The national reefer — industry slang for temperature-controlled trailers — rejection index (ROTRI) topped 48% for the first time since the index’s creation this week, which could move even higher once the vaccine for COVID-19 begins being distributed in the coming months. This means that shippers that utilize temperature-controlled equipment should be prepared to...

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