One global set of anti-emissions rules is needed, says United Nations

One set of global rules is necessary for the shipping industry to decarbonize, the United Nations has declared, in this year’s Review of Maritime Transport. “Given the globalized nature of […]

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Maritime Nations To Chart Course for Net Zero Emissions by 2050, UN Chief

Credit: kevin-martin-jose–unsplash

The head of the United Nations called Monday for maritime nations to agree on a course for the shipping industry to reduce its climate-harming emissions to net zero by the middle of the century at the latest, reports Taiwan News.

New GHG strategy for shipping

The appeal by U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres came at the start of a meeting of the International Maritime Organization in London that’s seen as key for helping achieve the international goal of...

Emisiones del transporte marítimo podrían reducirse a la mitad sin afectar negativamente al comercio mundial

Según The Guardian, nuevas investigaciones han demostrado que las emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero procedentes de la industria del transporte marítimo podrían reducirse a la mitad para 2030 sin afectar negativamente al comercio mundial.

Esta entrada Emisiones del transporte marítimo podrían...

UN reaches agreement on the High Seas Treaty

Pictured: the UN General Assembly Hall, New York City, USA. Photo credit: Patrick Gruban, creative commons licence 2.0

An international agreement to protect marine life on the high seas was reached in early March in New York.

The UN began work in 2015 for a new international legally-binding treaty under the United Nations Convention on the Law of Sea on the conservation and sustainable use of marine biological diversity of areas beyond national jurisdiction.

The new treaty is informally being...

UN Forges Historic Deal To Protect Marine Life

Credits: Daniel Botelho/Barcroft Media/Getty Images

After years of debate and discussion, nations have agreed on a High Seas Treaty to protect marine biodiversity and ensure oversight of international waters. It is being hailed by researchers as an important step for conservation that encourages international research collaboration without hampering science, reports Nature.

We’re excited,” says Kristina Gjerde, a marine law researcher at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in...

COP27: The Arduous Journey Ahead

Credit: Timelab Pro/Unsplash

It’s possible that COP27 won’t be remembered as a turning point for greater climate pledges. But it will undoubtedly be recognised for providing impoverished countries with a much-needed boost in climate money, as reported by Wärtsilä.

Baby 8 billion

“How will we answer when “Baby 8 billion” is old enough to ask: What did you do for our world and for our planet, when you had the chance?” With that opening remark, UN secretary general António Guterres set the tone for...

30% Of The Planet Will Be Protected By 2030!

Credit: NASA/Unsplash

Right now, 17% and 10%, respectively, of the world’s terrestrial and marine areas are protected, as reported by Sky News.

New agreement

A new agreement reached the COP15 biodiversity summit of the UN will see nearly a third of the globe protected by 2030.

At least 30% of the world’s land, inland waters, coastal regions, and seas will be protected in the next eight years, delegates to the “last chance” meeting in Canada have promised.

Tropical rainforests and other sites deemed...

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