New IMO guidelines adopted on ship-source underwater noise

Pictured: a noisy environment. Photo credit: Cristian Palmer via Unsplash

By the International Maritime Organization

Draft revised guidelines for the reduction of underwater noise from commercial shipping to address adverse impacts on marine life have been agreed by the IMO Sub-Committee on Ship Design and Construction (SDC 9), which met 23-27 January.

The draft guidelines recognize that commercial shipping is one of the main contributors to underwater radiated noise (URN) which has adverse...

Merchant Vessel Wins First DNV SILENT-E Class Notation Award

  • Canadian seaports offer attractive port fee reductions to vessels which comply with eco-friendly underwater noise standards.
  • The LR2 crude oil tanker newbuild ONEX Peace is the world’s first cargo vessel to earn DNV’s SILENT-E class notation, which meets the Canadian requirements.
  • Underwater noise from maritime traffic is increasingly recognized as a major form of ocean pollution.
  • Canadian seaports eager to protect their unique coastal ecosystems are offering substantial port fee discounts to...

COVID19 Reduces Ocean Noise To the Level It Was 150 Years Ago!

erik-odiin-shipping marine acoustics coronavirus
The pandemic offers a temporary reprieve from the clamor of ocean noise — which can affect how whales and other species communicate, navigate and feed — and an opportunity to reflect on the consequences of human activity for marine life, says Jimmy Thomson in an article published in the Narwhal.

The former video journalist of CBC explains how the world has screeched to a halt as it grapples with COVID-19 and what it tells about COVID19 impact underwater.

An Important Time To Learn About the Oceans

Underwater noise from ships stresses mussels, study shows

Underwater noise from ships is putting mussels in a state of stress, impacting their breathing and eating habits, according to a new study. Namely, research from marine scientists at Edinburgh Napier University and Heriot-Watt University indicates that mussels can perceive the noise of ships all too well, which is having a significant effect on their physiology.

The researchers gathered mussels from the shore in Musselburgh, outside Edinburgh, and tested their response to noise in the lab at the...

New propeller concept to reduce underwater noise

Kongsberg Maritime has successfully adapted a propeller concept used in naval applications, aiming to provide operational and environmental benefits to commercial shipping customers. By deploying such a technology can significantly reduce cavitation-induced noise and erosion risk.

Kongsberg Blade Air Emission technology is now being applied to commercial ship propellers to limit the effect of underwater radiated noise on marine life. The Blade Air Emission concept applies the results of research...

Port of Vancouver expands geographic areas of ECHO program

The Port of Vancouver reminds the shipping industry that as of June 1 the commercial shipping sector is alerted to begin voluntarily slowing their ships southern resident killer whales return to Haro Strait and Boundary Pass to feed for the summer.

This year, in attempts to further reduce underwater noise on whales in a larger geographic area, the trial zone is expanded to include both Haro Strait and Boundary Pass, which were identified by Fisheries and Oceans Canada earlier this year as key...

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