Hypothermia and Effects on Seafarers – What You Must Know

Hypothermia is a condition that results when a body is exposed to extreme cold weather condition. When a ship’s crew member falls in to the water by accident or is exposed to extreme condition while working on deck, it has been observed that majority of the times a fatal condition is reached because of hypothermia.

Hypothermia will occur when the temperature of human body temperature falls below 35℃. The mortality rate of hypothermia ranges from 20% to 90%, hence looking at the numbers, it can...


Chinese freighter sank after collision, 13 crew missing, Japan UPDATE


General cargo ship GUO XING 1 sank in Aomori Prefecture waters, northeast Honshu, Pacific, at around 1300 UTC Feb 29, after collision with local fishing boat. The ship loaded with scrap, bound for Korea, suffered hull breach with ensuing water ingress, probably there was cargo shift, because understood, she sank in a very short time – 13 out of 14 crew went missing, looks like capsizing. 1 crew was rescued. Fishing boat remained afloat, 15 crew safe. Freighter crew included Chinese and...