The 15-year Search for The Mahogany Ship

Capt. John
  • Did a 16th-century Portuguese vessel run aground here? Doubtful, but why not celebrate it anyhow?
  • The afternoon is overcast, the ocean churning, between Port Fairy and Warrnambool, on the Shipwreck Coast of Victoria, Australia.
  • A man and woman carry shovels and a metal detector along the beach.
  • I ask if they are looking for Warrnambool’s notorious wreck, the Mahogany Ship. Without hesitation, the man answers: ‘I’ve been searching for the Mahogany Ship for 15 years.’

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  1. When my husband worked for Viv Hand, a land surveyor in Warrnambool, he was browsing through old records and saw a notation of a set of bearings showing where the Mahogany shipwreck was located. My husband passed away in 1995 and consequently didn’t follow up.


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