Tanker Market To Perform Well As Floating Storage Unwinds

  • Oil demand is coming fast, floating storage has peaked.
  • Oil already stored on tankers will be drawn down much quicker than predicted, rate pain during the drawdown period will be less prolonged than expected.
  • Market dynamics will revert to old-fashioned supply versus demand, demand will exceed constrained supply, ergo rates will rise.
  • Sure, rates will be down in the near term, but the future looks great and tanker stocks are trading at a discount, so buy the stocks.
  • Frontline reported net...


The U.S. Coast Guard’s Hurricane Dorian Response Effort

[By Cdr. Ace V. Castle]

The U.S. Coast Guard’s response to Hurricane Dorian was unlike any storm response in history. With a constantly changing track, unprecedented wind speeds and slow surface movement, Dorian proved unpredictable and deadly.

Hurricane Dorian became a tropical depression on Saturday, August 24, 2019. As late as August 26th, many thought the storm would roll through the mountainous island of Hispaniola, weakening the storm and its impact, but Dorian had other plans. Over the...


Malta Charters Harbor Cruise Boats to House Maritime Migrants

Malta is one of the closest parts of the EU to Libyan shores, making it one of the Mediterranean's leading destinations for maritime migrants and good samaritan vessels. However, it has limited resources compared to its EU neighbors, and like others, it has closed its ports to migrant arrivals due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “Malta is simply not in a de facto position, at present, to ensure a safe place on Maltese territory to any persons rescued at sea,” said Maltese Prime Minister Robert Abela...


Maritime Clusters The New Beginning in Shipping Industry

  • As trade and commerce put ever more pressure on the marine ecosystem, maritime clusters may offer a way for businesses that depend on the seas to work together to expand profitability and protect the environment.
  • More than 90% of global trade flows involve shipping, and the shipping industry accounts for around 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions.
  • In recent years, the maritime industry has taken more steps to ensure the health of the ocean environment on which it depends.
  • In addition to the...