Career Tracks: Hanks recognized as American Maritime Hero

Tom Hanks

The American Maritime Partnership (AMP) has named Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks the recipient of the American Maritime Hero Award.

The award recognizes individuals or groups of individuals who have added to the rich heritage of the United States as a maritime nation through their professional contributions, courage, outstanding achievements or noble qualities. U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao and World War II merchant mariners were named the AMP’s first American Maritime...

[Watch] #WeatheringTheStorm Campaign Salutes Seafarers!

  • In light of these challeging times and difficulties the seafarers are facing, the American P&I Club and Eagle Ocean Marine honor the seafarers through the #WeatheringTheStorm campaign.
  • The video salutes the service of seafarers in these turbulent times as they seek to protect themselves in their vital work, at sea and in port, against COVID-19.
  • The video has been compiled with the generous cooperation of crews currently serving on vessels owned by Members of the Club, those insured by EOM...

Recommendations for safe navigation in high water US rivers

The year 2019 was a rough year for safe navigation in Mississippi River, with major flooding in the US Midwest. This flood risk remains a serious concern for 2020 also, as the Mississippi River had already exceeded the monitoring threshold of 15 feet by late February 2020.

Although high water in the lower Mississippi River normally begins to fall by June, high levels continued in July 2019 when Hurricane Barry moved into the Gulf of Mexico. As such, water levels and flood risks remained high in...

Vessel hygiene to prevent COVID-19 spread

During the COVID-19 pandemic, more than ever maintaining a good housekeeping onboard can help prevent the virus spread. In view of this, the American P&I Club reminds key tips which are important to follow in general for a safe workplace onboard a vessel.

The appearance of ships and shipboard equipment on the outside suggests how well things are operating on the inside, and more importantly contributes to the health, safety and happiness of the vessel and crew.

”Housekeeping oversights rarely go...

Surveyors prevented from attending vessels about to load finished steel products

American Club informs that in some ports, regulations designed to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus have prevented, and continue to prevent, third-party surveyors from attending vessels about to load finished steel products.

Vessel preparation

All systems and equipment should be checked to make sure they are operational. During the voyage to the load port, ballast tanks adjacent to cargo holds should be pressured tested prior to loading, if holds are free of cargo and safety permitting in...

Fighting against COVID-19 stress: key mental health resources

Life onboard is facing new challenges amid the COVID-19 crisis, as seafarers have to be extra persistent when it comes to their hygiene routine, they have to be cautious in case of an infected person onboard, while the whole shipping industry, such as flag States, companies and masters, have to collaborate to ensure seafarers’ safety and follow measures for the virus’ containment.

The outbreak has expanded from Mainland China to Europe – with Italy leading with COVID-19 cases – and the US,...

US imposes further economic sanctions on Iran

The US Treasury Department announced additional US sanctions against Iran, in response to the state’s missile attack against a US air base in Iraq, making now trade with Iran in almost all industry sectors off limits for US, as well as non-US persons.

A new Executive Order informs the additional sanctions may be imposed against any individual owning, operating, trading with, or assisting sectors of the Iranian economy including construction, manufacturing, textiles, and mining.

The industry...

American Club Issues IMO 2020 Guidance for Its Clients

With less than 3 months remaining for the 2020 sulphur cap regulation the American Club has released a 2020 guidance for its members. The circular available as a press release on their website states that “in view of the fast-approaching IMO 2020 legislation, Members are reminded of some important issues to consider and ensure to have in place prior to January 1, 2020 including preparations for port State control (PSC) inspections” .

Issues To Consider
  1. Bunker contracts and agreements with...

[FAQ] Guidelines To Protect Ship & Crew from 2020 Fuel Hazard

It seems inconceivable, certainly unbelievable, that having paid up to millions of dollars for
fuel for a vessel to operate, the owners of the vessel and/or the charterers then should have to check themselves that the fuel is actually of a standard that complies with regulations and what they paid for! says a press release published by the American Club which guides shippers from IMO 2020 Fuel Hazards.

The guidance available on the American Club website highlights how the whole concept seems...

American Club Issues Best Practice Guidance To Deal With Bunker Issues

According to an article published in AJOT, the American Club has released its latest loss prevention guidance, Bunkering – A Compendium, together with website access to a comprehensive approach to loss prevention initiatives demanded by new regulations and generally by supplying guidance on operations and management.

Best Practices Guidance

The Compendium is intended to give guidance not only in respect of issues arising from the new MARPOL regulations coming into effect on January 1, 2020, but...