International Carbon Collaboration Could Reshape Shipping Markets

Five industries representing more than 50% of global emissions need stronger international collaboration to deliver reductions in line with the Paris Agreement, according to the first report from a new group aiming to reshape major charter markets and accelerate development of green fuels and technologies.

The Breakthrough Agenda was signed by 45 nations at the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow last year to drive emissions reductions in the power, hydrogen, road transport, steel and...

EU Rules Vessel Sharing For Reducing Environmental Impacts

  • Vessel sharing benefiting the EU is regulated through the Consortia Block Exemption Regulation (CBER).
  • It expires in April 2024 and is now under review by the European Commission’s DG COMP.

EU rules for vessel sharing – reducing environmental impact and increasing efficiency for global trade, reports World Shipping Council.

Consortia Block Exemption Regulation

To assist ports and customers efficiently, international ocean carriers often share space on vessels. 

Vessel sharing aiding the EU is...

Climate Change Is a Monumental Challenge

  • Climate change is a monumental challenge. 
  • It is clear that without action in the near term, the impact of humans on our planet will lead to irreversible shifts to ecosystems.
  • Much needs to be done to combat climate change.

We all have to do our part to avoid warming the planet . In this regard, Svitzer the world’s largest towage provider, recognizes that it has an important role to play and a position to influence industry standards.

Towards Decarbonization 

Towage plays a small yet significant...

CMA CGM launches early container return program to help shippers offset carbon emissions

French container and logistics company CMA CGM Group has launched ‘TEUs to Trees’, an early container return incentive program designed to increase climate change mitigation in the United States while assisting in the overall effort to improve both the fluidity and velocity of the supply chain.


Journey Towards Decarbonization Demands Collaboration Remarks Singapore

  • Shipping is undergoing its greatest transition in a century.
  • Singapore is determined to be a central thought leader for the greening of the industry.
  • The global shipping community must work together.

While the likes of Scandinavia and Japan positioned themselves early on as shipping decarbonization pioneers, Singapore has latterly come to join the ranks, with government and private industry joining forces to make the Lion Republic, the world’s largest bunkering hub, a petri-dish for some of...

Wärtsilä lines up first fleet decarbonisation deal for oil & gas segment in Latin America

Wärtsilä has inked “a pioneering agreement” for decarbonisation projects in the oil and gas segment in the Americas with Brazil’s Grupo CBO.

The post Wärtsilä lines up first fleet decarbonisation deal for oil & gas segment in Latin America appeared first on Offshore Energy.

Dirty Secret Of Europe’s Hunt For Clean Energy

On September 10, a ship docked at the German port of Hamburg carrying a little-known fuel that’s being billed as a potential clean answer to Europe’s energy woes: blue ammonia. Made from hydrogen, it can also be burned without producing any emissions of planet-warming carbon dioxide and has the advantage of being easier to transport. Europe’s first test cargo is destined for the continent’s largest copper producer, Aurubis AG, under a deal struck with the United Arab Emirates just three weeks...

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