Who’s the champion for drivers in your fleet? – Taking The Hire Road

Jeremy Reymer, CEO and founder of DriverReach, is joined on this episode of Taking The Hire Road by one of his best friends in the industry, Leah Shaver, president and CEO of the National Transportation Institute. NTI is known as the trucking industry’s principal authority on driver pay data and trends. 

NTI works to provide carriers with actionable data and benchmarking studies, enabling them to make informed decisions about their own compensation packages and understand where the driver market...


Uniforms can protect drivers from dangers of extreme weather

In the transportation industry, it is common to read about the impact that extreme weather has on the freight market as a whole — from miles of truckers backed up due to heavy ice to truckers kept at bay by torrential rain from hurricanes.

One thing that was often overlooked until recent years is the effect of these conditions on the truck driver. We talk about a driver’s health from a diet and exercise perspective, but we gloss over the everyday conditions that a driver encounters, whether...


Lanefinder makes no-risk recruiting a reality for trucking industry

The transportation industry and the overall economy move in lockstep with each other. The trucking markets tend to reflect larger economic trends well ahead of other industries. At the same time, trends that originate within the transportation space have an outsized impact on the greater economy. 

Lanefinder CEO Mats Holmbäck equated the U.S. trucking industry to the locomotive for the world economy. If the industry isn’t working, nothing is working. It is crucial, then, that carriers can keep...


Trailblazing trucking: Gregg Troian’s progressive pursuit of innovation – Taking The Hire Road

Jeremy Reymer, CEO and founder of DriverReach, is joined on this episode of Taking The Hire Road by a progressive and innovative industry leader, Gregg Troian, president of PGT Trucking out of Aliquippa, Pennsylvania. 

PGT is well known for its innovative approach to all things flatbed — from investing in next-gen tech solutions to embracing electric vehicles. The company applies this same attitude to driver hiring and training.

Just last month, PGT unveiled its new and improved driver training...


Trucker Tools’ loyalty program rewards drivers, not carriers

Carrier rewards programs have become popular in recent years. 

These programs are typically intended to foster goodwill between shippers or brokers and their transportation partners, especially during times of market volatility and general unpredictability. While these programs often reward carriers, they do not typically benefit individual drivers.

Trucker Tools has set out to change that.

“We have talked to hundreds of brokers over the years who are looking for a scalable, reliable digital way...


Driving job of tomorrow with J.B. Hunt — Taking the Hire Road

The COVID-19 pandemic created a business environment where many in the logistics industry now work remotely, but truck drivers are still needed outside the home. 

This shift sparked the leadership at J.B. Hunt to include a flexible work schedule for drivers, allowing them a fair and enjoyable work-life balance.

According to Craig Harper, chief sustainability officer and executive vice president of J.B. Hunt, the fourth-largest trucking company in the U.S. attributes its success to focusing on...


Real-time driver coaching helps carriers save big on fuel costs

Even though retail diesel prices have fallen from the record levels set earlier this year, they remain among the largest expenses facing trucking fleets. 

As pump prices soared, many carriers took a closer look at fresh ways to further maximize vehicle efficiency and productivity. Streamlined route planning and top-notch maintenance programs can provide big boosts in these areas.

Though often overlooked, improving truck driver behavior packs a punch when it comes to maximizing fuel efficiency....


Lease purchasing opportunities to assist prospective owner-operators

Today’s market poses many challenges to truck drivers and trucking companies alike. Along with the infamous driver and labor shortage, drivers and carriers have to deal with inflation in the form of skyrocketing fuel, insurance and overall equipment costs — not to mention labor costs and availability. Moreover, many drivers whose trucks need repairs face long wait times just to have their vehicles looked at, resulting in significant downtime and loss of revenue. 

PGT Trucking, Inc. has a proven...


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