Paul Holthus, Founding President & CEO, World Ocean Council

At the Opening Oceans Conference, organised by NOR Shipping, I met with Paul Holthus, CEO of the World Ocean Council, WOC, who was one of the keynote speakers. Paul founded WOC when he saw that shipping and the ocean environment are both inseparably linked, but with the former having a dramatic effect on the latter.

Listen to Paul speaking about how the Young Ocean Professional network works, through referrals and introductions and how this network is growing. More than 35,000 volunteers are...

Peter Thomson, United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for the Ocean

Peter Thomson @ThomsonFiji the United Nations Special Envoy for the Oceans, was one of the keynote speakers at the Opening Oceans Conference in Copenhagen, May 2-3, 2018 and I managed to catch him for an interview. 

He travels the world to promote and advocate for the SDG 14: Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development 

Peter says it has been an uphill battle until the Ocean Conference in New York 2017, where the governments of Fiji & Sweden left...

Brunswick delivers new multi-mission boat to Maine Marine Patrol

The boat was purchased with a grant of $59,915 from the Maine Outdoor Heritage Fund and a grant of $241,305 from the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Port Security Grant Program. Maine Marine Patrol photo

Brunswick Commercial and Government Products recently delivered a new 31′ fisheries and recreational boating enforcement and maritime security boat to Maine Marine Patrol, South Portland, Maine.

The Impact is the newest asset in Maine Marine Patrol’s fleet, a high performance, Powered by twin 350-hp Mercury Verado outboards and capable of speeds more than 50 knots. The new patrol boat will be stationed at the South Portland Coast Guard facility.

The boat was purchased with a grant of $59,915 from...

Daniela Fernandez, Founder & CEO, Sustainable Ocean Alliance

Attending the Opening Oceans Conference, which creates a roadmap for maritime business leaders to explore the new ocean economy options, discover synergies with their existing businesses, meet investment and gateway partners and make profitable strategic decisions, in Copenhagen early May 2018, I met Daniela Fernandez, a passionate young woman who wants to engage young people in innovation, change and new ideas about how to use the Ocean space. Daniela is the Founder & CEO of the Sustainable...

Nir Gartzman, Co-Founder, theDOCK innovation hub

Invited by the Opening Oceans Conference, a new initiative by NOR-Shipping to help realize the potential of the ocean space, I met Nir Gartzman, from theDOCK innovation hub, who was invited to participate in the Nordic ThinkTank session.

Nir has an interesting background, he is a Chief Engineer and an Israeli navy officer who has spent the last 10 years in the high-tech & the clean-tech sector in Israel when his passion for the maritime industry made him focus on the digital arena and co-found...

Matthew Duke, Chief Business Process Officer, Grieg Star

Meet the environmental scientist who fell into IT, which made him fall into the maritime industry focusing on digitalisation & innovation, Matt Duke, Chief Business Process Officer, Grieg Star.  

Matt started his maritime career with Odfjell, where he became Global Head of IT and built up a fascination for the shipping industry, which he wanted to become better via IT and to save money by a more structured way of working.

When it became time to move on there was a choice between shipping &...

Christopher Clott, PhD, Maritime College, State University of New York, ABS Chair of Marine Transportation and Logistics, Global Business Transportation Department

I met Chris Clott at the Opening Oceans Conference in Copenhagen early May and since he has a much experience from the maritime industry after having worked for liner companies, specialised in business strategy and also is one of the co-founders of the Maritime Global Innovation Centre, he gives a crash-course on where the maritime industry is right now when it comes to Industry Revolution 4.0. 

With the goal to influence & drive change, Chris sees the necessity of collaboration and he would...

Lasse Kristoffersen, CEO of Torvald Klaveness

Lasse Kristoffersen started in Torvald Klaveness in 2007 heading up the business unit Klaveness Maritime Logistics.
In September 2011 he was appointed new Chief Executive Officer for Torvald Klaveness and became the first company CEO from outside the Klaveness family.

Lasse describes the journey from a genuine, traditional shipowner to a true digital organization ready to meet the demands of the future and how everyone in Torvald Klaveness will be invited to take part in that journey.

I met Lasse...


Thomas Öström, Founder, Board Member and CEO of Climeon AB

Thomas Öström is the passionate person who wanted to find the solution to the climate change. He is challenged by the use of fossil fuel and had an idea on how to use the energy in waste heat from industries and low-temperature geothermal heat to generate electricity. The company Climeon started in 2011 and has entered the maritime industry by turning heat into clean electricity, unaffected by weather conditions.

Thomas says that the restrictions the maritime industry put on their product were...


Dorothea G. Ioannou, Managing Director, Global Business Development, Shipowners Claims Bureau (Hellas), Inc.

Dorothea G. Ioannou is the Chief Operating Officer of the Shipowners Claims Bureau Inc., New York, in addition to leading the team in Piraeus. In 2017, Dorothea received the Next Generation Shipping Award at the Lloyd’s List Global Awards in London, which we talk about in addition to the value of social media, to create a talent pool and to be kind to people. 

We discuss leadership and the importance of staying on top of things, also the latest trends, if you are going to stay in business....


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