The Swedish Club Singles Out the Reasons for ‘Container Loss’

  • Although the container sector is well regulated and highly regarded, many are the containers lost overboard.
  • Container focus from The Swedish Club, provides an overview of statistics, an insight into specific cases, and with the help of experts, delivers hands-on advice for preventing container losses.
  • The report uses case studies to highlight common and avoidable errors and provided simple-to-follow advice to prevent them.

Despite a well regulated and highly regarded container sector, many of...;amp;

First Virtual AGM for The Swedish Club

Lars Rhodin, Managing Director of The Swedish Club, at the event

First Virtual AGM for The Swedish Club

The Swedish Club made history today when it conducted its 148th AGM virtually, live from Gothenburg Sweden. In support of global efforts to suppress the COVID-19 pandemic the Club reached out to members, business partners and staff around the world via video conferencing.

Lars Rhodin, Managing Director of The Swedish Club, presented the Club’s 2019 results. These delivered according to plan with...

The Swedish Club Starts a Loss Prevention Revolution

Lars A. Malm,
Director Strategic Business Development & Client Relations

The Swedish Club Starts a Loss Prevention Revolution

The next generation of Loss Prevention has arrived. A pilot project from The Swedish Club means that shipowners can now be offered real time personalised loss prevention, tailored to their location, and voyage profile.

Trade Enabling Loss Prevention (TELP) allows The Swedish Club to use a combination of the latest automatic identification system (AIS) technology coupled...

Stelios Magkanaris, Marine Claims Adjuster, Team Piraeus, The Swedish Club

Meet Stelios Magkanaris, a Fellow of the Association of Average Adjusters, who is a Marine Claims Adjuster of the Piraeus Team of The Swedish Club, which is a marine insurance company.

Stelios shares his experiences from having worked with marine casualties for a very long time, after having been brought up in a shipping family. It’s easy to sense his passion for the maritime industry and the marine insurance profession, where he is a stalwart member of the team.

I hope that this episode will...