MT AQUALOYALTY at Pascagoula, Incident Update

A news release from Unisea Shipping, managers of the MT AQUALOYALTY:


Managed Aframax Tanker, Incident Update

Athens, April 24, 2019 – Our managed Aframax tanker, AQUALOYALTY, has successfully completed her discharge operations without any problems in Pascagoula.

The vessel unexpectedly lost power on Sunday while approaching the terminal and softly touched bottom. Appropriate action was taken to restore power to the vessel. After the tanker was refloated it proceeded to the discharge berth.

There were no injuries to the crew, no damage to the vessel and no pollution to the environment.

The cause of the unexpected loss of power has been identified and dealt with.

“We are pleased that the vessel reached her berth without further problems and that discharge of the cargo has been completed” said Jesse Lewis, the company’s media consultant.

“Unisea would like to thank the US Coast Guard Sector at Mobile as well as others who assisted us resolving this incident.”

“The US Coast Guard’s professional assistance contributed to the resolution of this incident in a timely and smooth manner,” Lewis said.

The Captain of the managed tanker is 44 years old, and has been at sea for 16 years as a watch-keeping Officer, 10 of them in command on ocean-going tankers and 7 years sailing with the Company.


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