GreenVoyage2050 Project Extended To 2030

Credits: IMO

A major project which aims to ensure that no country is left behind in maritime decarbonization is set to continue its work through to 2030, following a large new injection of funding, reports IMO.

The Government of Norway has confirmed 210 million NOK (US$19.4 million USD) of funds for Phase Two of the IMO GreenVoyage2050 project, in an agreement between Norway and IMO that was signed on 28 September, World Maritime Day, during the IMO-UNEP-Norway Innovation Forum.


One global set of anti-emissions rules is needed, says United Nations

One set of global rules is necessary for the shipping industry to decarbonize, the United Nations has declared, in this year’s Review of Maritime Transport. “Given the globalized nature of […]

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IMO Confirms Acceptance For Electronic BDNs

Credits: Cytonn Photography/ Unsplash

IMO has formally confirmed that bunker delivery notes (BDNs) are acceptable in either hard copy or digital form, sources IBIA.

Relevant Requirements

It is Provided they meet the relevant requirements of MARPOL Annex VI with additional protection and verification requirements for electronic BDNs. MEPC 80 held in July approved Unified Interpretations to regulations 18.5 and 18.6 of MARPOL Annex VI  have been enclosed and disseminated in IMO circular...

IMO Submits 2023 GHG Strategy To First Global Stocktake

Credit: Ian-Taylor-Unsplash

IMO regularly updates appropriate UNFCCC bodies and meetings on its action to address GHG emissions from international shipping. Following a request from the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC), IMO has submitted the 2023 IMO Strategy on reduction of GHG emissions from ships to the First Global Stocktake (GST), sources IMO.

The Global Stocktake

The Global Stocktake was established under the Paris Agreement to enable countries and other stakeholders to review...

The Era Of Fossil Fuelled Shipping May Come To An End

Credit: venti-views-tm-unsplash

A recent analysis by UK-based maritime consultancy UMAS has shed light on the alignment of the Revised IMO GHG Strategy with science-based targets, which will require a strong and rapid response from national and regional governments as well as corporations alike.

Key Findings

The key finding is that the IMO’s targets correspond to a path of 1.55-1.61.5°C according to the budget defined by the IPCC. As explained, the huge level of modifications to existing and new...

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