Yamal LNG Carrier Boris Vilkitsky In Gross Violation of Safety Rules on NSR

The LNG carrier Boris Vilkitsky
, a new ice-class vessel transporting natural gas from Russia’s Yamal LNG project, disregarded a number of safety rules on an Arctic voyage to the Port of Sabetta. The vessel, operated by a Dynagas LNG Partners, a joint venture by Dynagas, Sinotrans, and China LNG Shipping, entered the Northern Sea Route (NSR) despite the inoperability of its stern thrusters and port steering column.

This malfunction, which occurred at least 10 days prior, limited the vessel’s...


Uncertainty looms over marine fuel sulfur limit: Fuel for Thought

In about 20 months, the shipping industry is going to start burning a fuel that today they know next to nothing about.

The International Maritime Organization has set a January 2020 deadline for a new 0.5% sulfur limit on marine fuels. The move is poised to force most shipowners to switch from burning residual fuel oil to a new, unfamiliar, less-sulfurous product.

A study by CE Delft, commissioned by the IMO in 2016 before it decided to cap the sulfur limit, shows demand for less-than 0.5% sulfur...


Why the container industry needs to replace BAF with a new pricing tool

The container industry has an elephant in the room. It’s big, smelly and has some serious boundary issues. Its name is the Bunker Adjustment Factor and recently it has grown so large that market players can barely see each other behind its fat bulk.

It creates a lot of uncertainty and engenders a lack of trust in the supply chain, which is dangerous for everyone be it a carrier, a BCO or a logistics provider.

With the prospect of volatile times ahead, and bunker prices likely to take the...


US and Russia propose two-way shipping routes in Bering Sea

The United States and Russia jointly propose a routing system for vessels passing through the Bering Strait and Bering Sea. The scheme aims to organize and direct ships along fixed corridors passing through these Arctic waters and thus reduce the risk of collisions.

The proposal comes in the form of a document jointly submitted to the International Maritime Organization suggesting the establishment of six recommendatory two-way routes and six precautionary areas in the Bering Sea and Bering...


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